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Various Daylife: Combat And Expedition Guide

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  • Prepare Before The Expedition
  • Choose Your Party Members
  • Purchase The Best Equipment, Items, And Food
  • Check The Expedition Details
  • Understand Combat
  • Master Change, Chain, And Chance
  • Always Use Examine
  • Watch For Status Effects
  • Pay Attention During An Expedition
  • Watch Your Green And Red Health
  • Watch The Expedition Progression
  • Retire When Necessary

Combat remains a vital part of any JRPG, but Various Daylife has some unique mechanics as a Square Enix game. Most games in the genre have you go through battles in a world map or dungeon. However, this game has you go on expeditions where you can run into battles and boss fights. As you travel, you'll unlock new expeditions, but the combat system may initially seem tricky.

You must learn how to prepare for expeditions, succeed in battle, and make more money. Doing so requires you to think about multiple details. Ensure you understand these mechanics and how to make your party last during some difficult fights.

Prepare Before The Expedition

You can't succeed with your expedition if you don't prepare before you start. Ensure you consider what you need to get the right supplies and equipment to succeed. Doing so will involve choosing your party members, finding the best items, and checking the expedition beforehand.

Choose Your Party Members

While you could travel alone, doing so will lead to disaster. Instead, you should consider the party members available to see which ones will help you.

For example, Bruno has some powerful abilities and high strength, so he'll deal significant damage to enemies. Gilda has some magic, so she'll deal elemental damage against enemies who can't defend against it.

The game lets you bring up to three party members with you. You can select whichever ones you feel work best for your party and have them assist you during the adventure.

Party members only level up if you train them, but it costs money. See if you can make money before an expedition to strengthen your party members.

Purchase The Best Equipment, Items, And Food

You have to buy the appropriate items before you tackle the expedition. For example, you'll want to pick up the best weapons, armor, and accessories for your party. The game organizes the equipment by jobs, so you'll buy the equipment for the right people.

You should also purchase some items and food for the trip. Items can be used in battle, and you can eat food during an expedition to restore your max HP. You'll have to figure out what you want to bring beforehand since you can't bring your entire inventory.

Food can spoil, so double-check your food before you go on a journey.

Check The Expedition Details

Preparing to travel involves understanding what you'll need. For example, every expedition comes with a recommended level, so get yourself and your party members to that level when possible. Otherwise, the journey may be more difficult than expected, especially if you encounter many monsters.

The Guild Quest area will tell you how long the journey takes. The more days you must travel, the more food you should bring. Reading through this information will help you prepare for the expedition. If you don't feel ready, hold off until you have the equipment and food necessary to complete the quest.

Understand Combat

Once you leave on a journey, you'll have random encounters with monsters. If you find combat difficult, you'll make it easier as you understand some key points and mechanics. These systems include changing enemies, using Examine, and understanding status effects.

Master Change, Chain, And Chance

You'll have to use the change, chain, and chance systems as you go through battles. Each interacts with the other, so understand what they offer and how they help you in combat.

Combat MechanicHow To Use It
ChangeChange means you adjust the status effect or stats of an enemy. For example, applying enraged counts as changing their status.
ChainChain refers to the number of times you apply a change to an enemy. For example, swapping them from electrified to aflamed is a chain of two.
ChanceChance lets you hit a powerful attack using the right move at the right time. You can use an electric attack on a soaked enemy and deal bonus damage. The higher the chain, the bigger the damage boost.

Always Use Examine

Secretaries gain an ability called Examine, which allows them to learn about monsters. When they use the ability, they permanently show that monster type's HP and status effect chances. You only have to use it on a beast once to have that information available.

If you want to see this information easily, you should bring someone who knows the ability. That way, as soon as you see a new monster, you can learn about them.

Watch For Status Effects

Various Daylife has various status ailments you can inflict on enemies. For example, if you inflict an opponent with aflamed, they'll take damage every turn. You can also inflict electrified to make them lose turns, enraged to boost their attack and lower their defense, and tons of other status ailments.

The game tells you the percentage chance of a status ailment applying to a monster. You can use the information to determine if you want to go for the effect. If you understand the status effects, you can make changing and chaining easier.

Some status effects can spread from enemies to your party. For example, if you attack a burned enemy, the burn has a chance of spreading to you.

Pay Attention During An Expedition

You'll need to focus on the journey and not look away if you want to succeed. Do your best to notice some details and know how to handle different situations. You'll want to watch your health, keep track of your progress, and retire when necessary.

Watch Your Green And Red Health

Every character has a green health bar during an adventure, but it'll start to drain and turn red as the expedition continues. The red represents your current max health, while the green shows your current health. Your max HP drops as the adventure continues, so you'll have to keep it in mind as you go through it.

You can restore your max HP by eating food during the trip. Bring up the menu and choose the rest option. Once you do, you can select a meal for your party to eat and boost your max HP.

Watch The Expedition Progression

Every expedition includes a progression meter to show the time left to complete it. For example, if you reach 20 percent, that means you walked 20 percent of the distance. Some of these journeys activate a boss fight when you reach 100 percent, so you'll have to pay attention and work around the progress.

You can also spread your food throughout the expedition to ensure you don't eat too much of it too soon. Otherwise, you could find yourself with less max HP right before an important battle. The meter also helps you see if you can finish the expedition without failing it.

Retire When Necessary

As you continue through your journey, you'll have the option to retire. Retiring means you leave the battle or expedition to return to the town, and doing so helps you avoid the drawbacks of getting everyone knocked out in battle. If that happens, you'll lose stat experience and find yourself setback further than expected.

Since you won't face any severe drawbacks from retiring, you should do so if you don't think you'll survive the mission. Since the battles before boss fights can set you back, returning to town can sometimes be the best option.

Preparing for an expedition in Various Daylife matters as much as performing well in battle. If you don't balance your expedition, you could face the consequences and struggle during the game.

However, you can make the game easier as you understand the mechanics, balance your party, and play it safe. As you stick with it and take your time, you'll explore the land and succeed.

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