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Valve’s Mysterious Neon Prime Game Is Likely A Dota 2 Spin-Off

We have more details to share about Neon Prime, the recently trademarked and extremely puzzling name from Valve. According to an insider, Neon Prime is actually going to be a Dota 2 spin-off.

The news comes courtesy of Tyler McVicker, investigative games journalist and formerly of the Valve News Network. McVicker is on vacation at the moment, but he couldn’t let a hot scoop like this go by without at least a tweet. He describes Neon Prime as "likely a DOTA-adjacent Sci-Fi game, made by ICEFROG, taking place in other dementions [sic], such as the Continuum or the Moons of Ultoria."

While most would probably consider Dota 2 a fantasy game, the world’s rich lore does reach further than the mortal happenings of the Terrene Plane. Much like how Dungeons and Dragons has its Astral Plane, so too does Dota, meaning we could see a more space-oriented game that’s still set in the same universe.

McVickers went on to say that Neon Prime is most definitely not a first-person shooter and not related to Half-Life: Citadel, the other game Valve has in development that first leaked in 2019. Based on the Source 2 engine, Half-Life Citadel seems to be an RTS-FPS hybrid with squad-based combat pitting teams of rebels against the Combine. A datamine of Aperture Desk Job said to expect stealth tactics, a single-player campaign, and an inventory system, among other things.

Valve is notoriously tight-lipped about its games in development, so don't expect any official confirmation until the Half-Life and Portal developer feels like it has something worthy of showing. And as always, take these leaks with a hefty grain of slat.

In other Valve news, Steam has once again broken its record for concurrent users, and Dark Souls 2 is once again back online, although multiplayer still isn't as safe as players might have hoped.

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