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Valorant Players Are Stretching Games Out To Set World Record For Assists

A bizarre TikTok challenge is taking over Valorant games and causing them to last way longer than usual. The objective: get as many assists as possible to set a world record.

There are a couple of problems with this challenge. First of all, this statistic isn’t being tracked except by word of mouth, which makes it tough to search for on Twitch or TikTok and even tougher to verify. Games Radar noted that the record previously stood at 108 assists as set by Twitch streamer CaMbCaMb, but the streamer himself says the actual record is 112. He’ll be aiming to beat that record on a stream scheduled for Tuesday.

The other problem is getting that many assists requires looking at Valorant from a new perspective. The easiest way to get an assist is to play as Skye and heal players who become damaged. Every kill that player gets becomes an assist, so the better your team does, the more assists you get. And when you throw a grenade at your team’s feet to start every game, it can be easy to rack up assists quickly.

Valorant games are best out of 25 rounds, and there are only five assists possible in each round. Do the math and that’s a theoretical maximum of 125 assists, but that requires the game going all 25 rounds. That means the opposing team has to survive to the 25th round, and that means throwing otherwise winning games in order to stretch things out as long as possible.

CaMbCaMb's strategy is to reach 12 wins and then start throwing games to allow the opposing side to win. He also plays on ranked, which can go beyond the 25-round maximum if the score is close at the end, meaning that assist record could reach beyond 125.

It certainly seems like 120 is a reasonable goal. We'll see if CaMbCaMb can reach it tomorrow.

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