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Valorant down: Server status latest as Riot confirm Valorant chat unavailable issues

Valorant servers are down tonight, with gamers also being hit with errors rendering chat unavailable on the PC platform.

Riot Games has confirmed that problems with chat are being looked into, although no set time has been confirmed for when everything will be back online.

The good news is that the Valorant support team are working on a fix and that should mean things return to normal soon.

A message from Riot Games confirms: “We’re aware of a problem causing chat to have issues and are working on a fix.”

Other issues concerning connectivity have not been addressed directly by Riot Games, but there are thousands of reports coming in of problems tonight.

One user writes: “My account is showing up as a new account. This is the second time in a few days. Servers have been very unreliable recently. Pretty annoying.

Another adds: “Same here, been constantly trying to see if closing and reopening would help but after half an hour of trying I just gave up.”


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