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Valheim: All Aggressive Creatures In The Plains And How To Deal With Them

In Valheim, the Plains looks serene with its yellow grass and sprawling hills; however, don’t be fooled by this biome’s appearance as it’s the home to dangerous creatures that will kill you in just one try.

That’s why the Plains is the most dangerous biome and the one you should be exploring last. Still, this place has lots of valuable resources such as Birch, Flax, Cloudberries, or Barley- However, you’ll have to learn how to fight off this biome’s fauna before you can explore the place in peace. Here’s how to deal with the aggressive creatures in the Plains.


These small goblin-looking creatures live with others of their species in camps. You’ll usually find them in groups of 2 to 3 members (unless you stumble into one of their camps where you’ll run into a lot of Fulings).

Although Fulings are primarily found in the Plains, you can also spot them in other biomes like the Meadows and the Black Forest once you defeated the Yagluth. No matter where you find them, once you do, these creatures will appear in three different tiers of rarity, which are:

  • 0-stars Fulings: These have 200 health and deal 110 of Blunt damage, 110 of Pierce damage, 110 or 55 Blunt, and 55 Fire damage when attacking with torches.
  • 1-star Fulings: These have 400 health and deal 165 of Blunt damage, 165 of Pierce damage, 165 or 82.5 Blunt, and 82.5 Fire damage when attacking with torches.
  • 2-stars Fulings: These have 600 health and deal 220 of Blunt damage, 220 of Pierce damage, 220 or 110 Blunt, and 110 Fire damage when attacking with torches.

Once killed, a Fuling can drop the Fuling trophy, coins, or black metal scrap. You can use the metal in the Blast furnace and the coins to buy things from the Haldor.

How to deal with a Fuling

  • Take a look at the weapons these creatures spawn so you’ll know just how much damage they can deal with different weapons.
  • These creatures are immune to Spirit damage.
  • If you use melee weapons, fight creatures once you have an armor level 80 or higher, you should also use a level 4 silver shield so you’ll be able to parry the 0-star Fulings (the parry timing is identical to the one from Skeleton and Draugrs).
  • With 0-star Fulings, the best thing to do is to Parry their attacks and attack them back with a strong sword or mace so you can kill them instantly.
  • As long as you’re undetected, you can one-shot a 0-star Fulings using a level 4 Huntsman bow and Frost or Needle arrows. You could also use Silver or Obsidian arrows, but there is a lower chance these arrows will kill them instantly.
  • If you’re planning on attacking a Fuling Village, try to stealthily kill as many of them as possible. Then lure the rest out one by one to kill them using melee attacks.
  • When they attack in a group, first kill the archers and then the Fuling Berserkers.
  • If there are too many of them, you can use the Eikthyr Power to run away or the Bonemass power to resist more serious damage.
  • When you’re fighting on even terrain, using melee weapons that have a high knockback (like a Porcupine or a Frostner) can make a Fuling miss their attack.
  • Prepare in advance by crafting potions like Medium healing mead, Medium stamina mead, and Minor stamina mead.
  • Don’t try to Parry 2 star Fuling as they are unparriable; they also can only be blocked partially. Also, don’t try to fight a group of 2 star Fuling; instead, lure them away from the group and attack them one by one.
  • Using an Ooze bomb is a good idea since this item poisons the enemies in a small radius.

Fuling Berserker

These creatures are the evolution of your regular Fuling; they are beefier and stronger. They like to attack using the large clubs in their hands, and you’ll find them in Fuling village. That means that, when you’re attacking one of these villages, you’ll have to deal not only with regular Fulings but with Berserkers too.

Berserkers come in three different tiers of rarity, with each tier dealing a different amount of damage. For example:

  • 0-stars Fuling Berserkers will deal 130 of Blunt damage, 80 of Slash damage, and have 800 health resistance.
  • 1-star Fuling Berserkers will deal 196 of Blunt damage, 120 of Slash damage, and have 1600 health resistance.
  • 2-stars Fuling Berserkers will deal 260 of Blunt damage, 160 of Slash damage, and have 2400 health resistance.

Once you’ve managed to kill one of these creatures, they can drop black metal scrap, coins the Fuling Berserker trophy, and a Fuling totem (you’ll need five of these to summon Yagluth)

How to deal with a Fuling Berserker

  • All of their attacks are parriable, but you should learn their moves to be prepared.
  • Berserkers have three types of attacks; they can hit you by swinging their clubs from right to left; They can also perform a delayed attack where the swinging goes from left to right and, finally, they can roar, which comes before an area of attack head slam.
  • These guys are immune to Spirit damage.
  • Using Frost arrows is a great strategy since they’ll deal damage from afar and will slow down the Fuling.

Fuling Shaman

Fuling Shamans are the third and final form you can find Fulings in. While they are not as big as the other ones, these guys generate a buff around other Fulings. This buff creates a barrier you must breakthrough to deal any damage to the creatures.

Like all the other creatures in Valheim, Fuling Shamans vary in rarity. These are the three types you can encounter:

  • 0-stars Fuling Shaman: These have 150 health and will deal 100 Blunt damage when using Poke; 20 Blunt damage and 100 Fire damage when throwing a Fireball and can generate a 100 health shield.
  • 1-star Fuling Shaman: These have 300 health and will deal 150 Blunt damage when using Poke; 30 Blunt damage and 150 Fire damage when throwing a Fireball and can generate a 100 health shield.
  • 2-stars Fuling Shaman: These have 450 health and will deal 200 Blunt damage when using Poke; 40 Blunt damage and 200 Fire damage when throwing a Fireball and can generate a 100 health shield.

Once you kill one of these creatures, they can drop black metal scraps, coins, and the Fuling Shaman trophy.

How to deal with a Fuling Shaman

  • These types of Fulings are immune to Spirit Damage.
  • They have three types of attacks: Poke, Fireball, and Protect.
  • If you’re fighting a group of Fulings, take out the Shamans first, so they won’t use their shield ability on the other enemies.
  • Since one of their attacks can deal Fire damage, bring with you Fire Resistance Barley Wine to counteract this effect.


A Lox looks like whatever happens when you breed a reptile with a bear. These creatures are huge; they have the head of a reptile but with a body covered in brown fur.

Just like Boars and Wolves, Loxs can be tamed. The process is similar to the other two, trap the Lox and feed it until it’s tame. The only difference is that these creatures are stronger, so you’ll need a stone trap instead of a wooden one. Moreover, in the current game’s state, you can’t breed Loxs.

Still, taming Loxs is a good way to farm their loot drops safely. A Lox can drop:

  • Lox meat (you can use it in cooking or to turn it into coal)
  • Lox pelt (you’ll need these to craft a Lox cape or to build a Lox rug)
  • Lox trophy

You’ll find these creatures with three different types of rarity, those are:

  • 0-stars Lox: This one has 1000 health and deals 130 of Slash damage as well as 120 of Blunt damage.
  • 1-star Lox: This one has 2000 health and deals 195 of Slash damage as well as 180 of Blunt damage.
  • 2-stars Lox: This one has 3000 health and deals 260 of Slash damage as well as 240 of Blunt damage.

How to deal with a Lox

  • They have terrible vision and hearing, so you can perform a sneak attack on them without crouching.
  • Don’t think that going into the water will save you as these creatures can swim and attack boats.
  • They have two types of attacks you have to look out for, Bite and Stomp.
  • These creatures are resistant to Blunt, Slash, and Frost Damage and are immune to Spirit damage.
  • Loxs are weak against Fire damage.
  • Once a Lox has seen you, it will chase your character until you run far enough to be out of sight.


Don’t be fooled by this creature’s size; Deathsquitos are fast and capable of killing even the best of Vikings with just one blow. In fact, these creatures are part of the reason why this biome is so dangerous, especially for unsuspecting players or those who don’t have the proper armor.

While exploring the Plains, you’ll encounter three types of Deathsquitos:

  • 0-stars Deathsquitos deal 90 Pierce damage but only have 10 health.
  • 1-star Deathsquitos deal 135 Pierce damage but only have 20 health.
  • 2-stars Deathsquitos deal 180 Pierce damage but only have 30 health.

Once you kill a Deathsquito, the creature can drop the Deathsquito trophy and a needle (an item you’ll need to craft needle arrows).

How to deal with Deathsquitos

  • Avoid as much as possible unless you have higher tiers of armor and buffs.
  • They can be killed super easily since they have such low health; the tricky part is getting close enough without getting hit.
  • The best thing you can do is attack them from a distance using a bow and arrow.
  • Once you learn their attack pattern, Dodge or Parry their attacks and then hit them.
  • You’ll need a Bronze Buckler to Parry a Deathsquito’s attack.

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