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V Rising: How To Use The Eye of Twilight And Get Soul Shards

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  • Unlocking The Eye Of Twilight
  • Building The Eye Of Twilight
  • What Is A Soul Shard?
  • Using Soul Shards
  • Can You Obtain More Soul Shards?

V Rising is a vampire survival-crafting game, placing you in the role of a powerful vampire lord. Throughout the game, you can explore, kill, and build a grand castle that stretches on endlessly. Eventually, you will come to make The Eye of Twilight, which is essential to locating Soul Shards.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to make and use the Eye of Twilight, as well as how to get and use Soul Shards. This is a relatively late-game item, so if you just started in a new world, you will need to go through a few steps before you can unlock it.

Unlocking The Eye Of Twilight

To unlock the Eye of Twilight, you will need to progress to the end of the main quest line, where you will be given the Throne of Command quest.

Throne of Command requires you to sit on your previously crafted throne and command your servants. Upon doing so, you will be rewarded with the blueprint for the Eye of Twilight.

Overall, just follow the main quest line until you come to this quest.

Building The Eye Of Twilight

To build The Eye of Twilight, you will need the following materials. We have included the materials, as well as a breakdown of how to get each one.

Material Needed

How To Obtain

Crafting Station


4x Gold Ingot

8x Sulphur

  • 15x Sulphur Ore smelted in Furnace


The recipe for Gold Ingots will unlock after defeating Azariel the Sunbringer

8x Gold Jewelry

  • Found in the Silverlight Hills

4x Spectral Dust

4x Gem Dust

  • Crush any gem in the Devourer


The recipe for Spectral Dust will unlock after defeating Foulrot the Soultaker

40x Ghost Crystal

  • Mined in the Cursed Forest

Using The Eye Of Twilight

After you have built The Eye of Twilight, it's time to use it!

With The Eye, you can now locate Soul Shards. Interacting with it will show you the locations of Soul Shards on the map, which you can head to and obtain.

What Is A Soul Shard?

Soul Shards provide buffs that can greatly benefit you while playing.

Currently, there are three obtainable Soul Shards in the game that drop from the final three bosses. Below, you can check out each shard and what the buff is.




Soul Shard of the Winged Horror

The Winged Horror

  • Silver and Fire Resistance increased by 50
  • Spell Power increased by 10
  • Crit. Strike Rate increased by 5%

Soul Shard of the Behemoth

Gorecrusher the Behemoth

  • Garlic and Holy Resistance increased by 50
  • Movement Speed increased by 5%
  • Resource Yield increased by 20%

Soul Shard of Solarus

Solarus the Immaculate

  • Sun Resistance increased by 50
  • Primary Melee Attack Speed increased by 5%
  • Physical Power increased by 10

Using Soul Shards

Once you have a Soul Shard, it's time to take it home. While holding any Soul Shard, you will have a debuff that provides the following effects.

  • Unable to use Vampire Powers
  • Unable to use Cave Passage Shortcuts
  • Movement Speed Reduction by 15 percent
  • Damage Taken increased by 25 percent

Overall, carrying a Soul Shard is dangerous. If you are playing with friends, we recommend teaming up and protecting each other. You will need protection from those that live in Vardoran, as well as other players.

The Eye of Twilight will display the location of the Soul Shard even as you move, which means that if you are on a PvP server, others will be able to see the location of the shard.

To activate the buff of the Soul Shard, place it in your hot bar and click on it to put it on the ground. This will create a Pylon that you can use to activate the buff.

You do not need any additional materials besides the Soul Shard to make the Pylon.

Each buff will last two hours, and you can have all three Soul Shard buffs active at the same time.

Can You Obtain More Soul Shards?

If you are playing on a PvE server, multiple Soul Shards can be present. This allows multiple players to have a shard in their castle.

If, on the other hand, you are on a PvP server, there can only be one type of each shard. The Soul Shard will be given to the player who defeats the associated boss first.

This means that the only way to obtain the shards is to take them from other players. You can do this by raiding or sneaking into their castle, as well as taking it from them while in transport. Remember, the location on the map will always be visible, so you know exactly where to steal it from.

With that, you know all there is to know about Soul Shards and The Eye of Twilight!

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