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Use Your Beard As A Weapon In Platformer Beard Blade

Nothing is impossible within the world of video games. That notion now applies to people who have always wanted to put their well-groomed facial hair to the durability test. 2D platformer Beard Blade allows you to attack with your shapeshifting beard, which can act as that handy third arm we’ve all wished for at some point in our life.

Platformers have a way of instilling nostalgia no matter the premise, and Beard Blade is no exception. The game’s trailer immediately puts the catchy, foot-tapping soundtrack in the spotlight. It’s composed by Steven Melin and features over 40 tracks throughout the game’s entirety. This escapade of traditional platforming, level-hopping, and treasure looting is perfect for experienced players and newcomers, and it’s due to release in Spring 2021.

Accompanying the immediate success of the music is Beard Blade’s protagonist Branson, who gains the ability to use his beard as a weapon after befriending the wizard, Forbeau. But why would an average Joe require super-bearded-powers you ask? Well, Branson’s farm was ransacked by a bunch of thieves, and then he was stranded on a deserted island. In a strange twist of fate, similar to Captain Jack Sparrow’s experiences, Branson acquires the powers he needs to reclaim his livestock and return home with more treasures than he previously owned.

Forbeau, the wizard can be revisited during gameplay to obtain new moves, after new spells are researched. The island that you are stranded on is called Pimento Island, and offers various locales for exploration, funny characters, and conniving monsters to defeat. When day moves to night, the level design changes, opening up alternate routes that were previously obscured. New layouts offer the opportunity to find additional treasures, and seeing Branson’s cape billow behind him never gets old.

Another platformer that has no short supply of monsters is the colorful, trigger-happy indie, GunDrill. Mining for monsters and the mysterious “Ore” is the objective. It’s set to an off-kilter wild west soundtrack that manages to compliment the game’s environment. Both GunDrill and Beard Blade only provide you with one weapon to conquer each level, and they certainly make it fun to wield.

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