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USA To Face Canada In The Red Bull Campus Clutch Valorant Esports Tournament

The results of the match everybody has been waiting for are in. Northwood beat OBK after winning both maps. The USA and North Macedonia have both been formidable forces during the Red Bull Campus Clutch Valorant tournament, but only one could go through to face off against Canada in the finals.

In the first game, Northwood USA took an early lead and seemed to be dominating Macedonian OBK, but the underdogs managed to pull it back and close the gap, going from 7-2 to 7-7 before Northwood managed to get another win and pull ahead 8-7. The first match ended 13-8, an unfortunate loss for Macedonia on its chosen map.

Macedonia was the crowd favourite throughout, with the audience cheering, chanting, and slamming inflatable sticks together from the stands and in front of the stage. The USA doesn't have many international friends here, as the team was frequently booed as it racked up round wins. Even the casters acknowledged team USA are the villains today.

In the second match, Macedonia took the first three rounds to waves of raucous applause. Northwood then raced ahead to 5-3 before OBK clutched a 1v3 to bring the score to a tighter 5-4. Each Northwood win has been met with silence from the international crowd, but that Macedonian win saw the arena erupt with cheers and shouts.

Unfortunately, OBK couldn't keep up the momentum and went down to 8-4 before managing to pick up another win, but again can't keep it up and ended up on 9-5, what a way to make a living. After two more losses, five fantastic rounds bring them back to 11-10, with the crowd cheering them on the entire way. Unfrotunately, they couldn't keep it up and the USA won the final two rounds and earned their spot against Canada, making it a North American final. The crowd weren't happy, with a few rounds of scattered appl;cause the only sounds made.

You can watch it live on Twitch, YouTube, and TikTok, or via the embedded stream above.

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