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Upgrade to a pixel-packed 28-inch 4K gaming monitor for just $240

If you’ve been wanting to get into 4K gaming but couldn’t afford it, Lenovo has a deal to consider. The company is selling its own 28-inch 4K monitor with FreeSync for $237.60Remove non-product link after the checkout code EXTRA12MONITOR. That’s $32.40 off the already discounted price of $270, and significantly below the MSRP of $300.

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The Lenovo L28u-30 doesn’t offer HDR support, but few PC displays do, and it’s still a solid monitor for the price. In addition to the pixel-packed 4K resolution, Lenovo’s monitor includes AMD’s FreeSync technology for buttery-smooth gaming with reduced stutter and lag with compatible graphics cards.

This 4K display isn’t the option of choice for gaming speed freaks, however, as its refresh rate maxes out at 60Hz, rather than 120Hz-plus that esports enthusiasts prefer. If you mostly play single-player games or multiplayer games that don’t rely on twitch reflexes, this monitor should more than meet your needs (assuming you have a 4K-capable graphics card inside your PC). 

For ports, the Lenovo L28u-30 has one HDMI 2.0 and one DisplayPort 1.2. The monitor also tilts from minus 5 degrees to 22 degrees, allowing you to set the angle just right for your set-up. It lacks any extras such as speakers or a built-in camera, though.

This isn’t the most feature-packed 4K monitor you can get, but the price is flat-out excellent if you’re looking for higher quality visuals without breaking the bank.

[Today’s deal: Lenovo L28u-30 for $237.60 with checkout code EXTRA12MONITOR at Lenovo.com.Remove non-product link]

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