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Unofficial PS5 Faceplate Company Is Asking Sony To Sue, Literally

A company creating faceplates for the PS5 has dared Sony to try and sue it after the PlayStation creators shut down someone doing the same in the UK.

If you had been asked to draw what you thought a PS5 might look like this time last year, chances are you would have been way-off. The console’s final design is a far cry from what the last few PlayStation’s have looked like. The white behemoth looks a little like a spaceship, which is in-keeping with wanting the console of the future to look futuristic I guess.

Its design, like almost anything in the gaming world, has had people pretty split. The good news for those who don’t like the way it looks is the console’s faceplates can be removed. The bad news is that for the time being, Sony has not announced that it will be releasing alternate ones. There is a PS2-themed PS5 going on sale this week, though.

Since the PS5’s faceplates can be detached and theoretically replaced, unofficial companies have been creating and selling alternatives. However, one of the first companies to do so in the UK promptly ceased production when it was threatened with legal action by Sony. That hasn’t stopped others from taking up the mantle, and one company in Canada has even dared Sony to try and sue it.

When asked on Reddit whether it feared that it would suffer the same fate as CustomizeMyPlates, Dbrand replied that it encouraged Sony to try and sue. CptnAlex explained why they are confident enough to challenge Sony in this way, and doesn’t believe it will attempt to sue as it has done to CustomizeMyPlates.

“Because our name isn’t deceptively close to a trademarked one, because our product doesn’t include trademarked logos…we’re able to sell safely,” CptnAlex writes. Dbrand is in the process of creating its matte black PS5 faceplates. Anyone interested in buying some can sign up for notifications in order to keep abreast of the company’s progress. It hopes to finish and sell its product sometime this year and obviously doesn’t envision Sony stopping that happening.

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