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Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 Announced For Fall 2021, Features "Millions Of Characters On Screen"

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, released by Brilliant Games Studios on April 12, 2017, is getting a sequel. The developers have announced that Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 will arrive in the fall with “millions of characters on screen.”

Several days ago, Brilliant Game Studios made the original Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator available for free on Steam, which had fans speculating that a sequel might be in the works. Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 is expected to have the same gameplay but will massively increase the number of soldiers on-screen.

In the trailer, there are roughly 1.3 million warriors engaged in battle at the same time. The studio is also expanding the story and adding player-driven campaigns. On its website, Brilliant Games Studios promises “the most ridiculous and insane battle simulator in existence,” adding that the game will include FPS invasion in which players will have a first-person perspective of a soldier fighting off throngs of zombies.

The studio has also revealed that “UEBS2 features revolutionary new crowd rendering and AI technology which uses pure GPU POWER to bring nation size battles to life.” In addition, the North Vancouver studio is working on its own mass GPU physics engine that will expand the physics and scale of the game to include “thousands of ragdolls and millions of physics-based objects.”

For the original game, creator Rob Weaver, said he hadn’t set out to make an epic battle game. “I started developing a VR game and it was going to be like an open world, kinda Robin Hood–themed game, and I really wanted to have large battles in the game. That’s when I started investigating increasing character count and hosting epic battles in the game, and it kind of just turned into this slowly,” he said.

Brilliant Games Studios has also developed The Last Sniper, a WW2-themed wave shooter, and Soul Tyrant, a free to play web browser game, both of which include Weaver’s own sound effects and music.

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