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UFC Contestant Jan Blachowicz Enters Ring To Skyrim Theme

The popular UFC contestant Jan Blachowicz recently entered the ring to the sound of a song which is beloved to just about every dedicated gamer, Dragonborn. The famous fighter came striding down into the arena this weekend to the main theme of the incredibly influential Skyrim, causing the worlds of mixed martial arts and fantasy roleplaying games to collide, a somewhat rare occurrence.

Blachowicz was preparing for a light-heavyweight title fight against rival contestant Magomed Ankalaev, working up a fury to the almighty airs of Dragonborn. The match turned out to be a draw, both competitors fighting to a split decision, but the audience was clearly impressed. The official account for UFC on Twitter even commented on the events, remarking that “based Jan” could be seen “walking out to the Skyrim theme.” Blachowicz on the other hand later described being “disappointed” in the performance.

The fighter is well known for being a committed gamer. Blachowicz who is currently ranked third in the light-heavyweight division has previously been seen wearing the famous wolf necklace from The Witcher. When asked about the pendant, Blachowicz described being a fan of the franchise, particularly the books and games, both cultural products of his native Poland.

The main theme in Skyrim, Dragonborn, was composed by Jeremy Soule with lyrics in the fictional language Dovahzul, created by Emil Pagliarulo. Dragonborn is undoubtedly one of the most widely recognized theme songs ever produced for a game, turning up in all sorts of unexpected places over the years from open air concerts to sporting events.

This comes in the wake of news that players have been confessing their biggest sins ever committed in Skyrim. This includes pickpocketing the clothes right off the backs of every single non-player character in the game and luring dragons into settlements in order to steal homes in a literal fire sale.

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