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Ubisoft’s Skull & Bones rebooted as Fortnite style casual game claims rumour

It was a no show at Ubisoft Forward but apparently Ubisoft’s pirate sim hasn’t been cancelled, just turned into a different kind of game.

The last time we heard anything official about Skull & Bones was in 2019, when it was delayed until 2020. There was no real reason given though and even by then it was a year since the game had seen any kind of new footage or explanation of what it actually is.

That explanation is now apparently moot though, as according to insiders Ubisoft has rebooted the project and turned it into a live service game – which sounds like it will make it even more similar to rival pirate game Sea Of Thieves.

Although it’s never been advertised as having a story connection to the series, Skull & Bones was inspired by the naval combat in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and was to have had an extensive story campaign and even a ‘female-driven’ TV show tie-in, but now all that seems to be in doubt.


According to sources speaking to VGC, Skull & Bones has struggled to find an identity for itself, especially when compared to Ubisoft’s other open world games, and so it was decided to reboot the whole project last year.

As a result, it will apparently no longer be a standard boxed product but a live service title with a persistent game world featuring quests, characters, and storylines that evolve depending on how the community plays the game.

Supposedly, the inspiration for all this is Fortnite, with developer Ubisoft Singapore also hoping to attract a similar casual audience and create an emphasis on co-operation and team-play. Whether that means Skull & Bones will be free-to-play is unclear, but that certainly seems to be the implication.

It does all sound remarkably similar to Xbox and PC exclusive Sea Of Thieves though, when you’d think Ubisoft would want to be putting as much distance between the two games as possible, but since there’s no official confirmation of what’s going on it’s hard to say.

There is set to be a second Ubisoft Forward event sometime later this year, so we could hear about the game then. Or maybe not.


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