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Two Point Campus: How To Generate Campus Profit

As the name suggests, Two Point Campus is a management game about providing the best education for students. But, running multiple college campuses costs a lot between expanding the campus, hiring staff and improving facilities. If the campus doesn't make a profit, you won't be able to improve classes, limiting your progress.

While it feels like you're always spending money in Two Point Campus, there's no reason your campus can't be making a profit every month. A campus full of hundreds of students is a lucrative business, after all. A few simple tricks will keep money flowing in, while you buy all the cool stuff your students need.

Ways To Earn Money:

The simplest way to generate profit is to make as much money as possible. Thankfully, running a campus can provide multiple sources of income.

Tuition Fees – you can raise tuition fees for each course in the settings menu. Raising fees will decrease the learning rate and can potentially decrease the number of applicants. If a course is more successful, you're more likely to raise taxes without any student dropouts. Tuition fees are definitely your main source of income and have the potential to make millions every single year. Different courses will generate different levels of income depending on the number of students enrolled and how much you can charge per course. Level up courses at the end of an academic year to increase the number of students enrolled.

XP – at the end of every month, you'll receive a Monthly Income Report that breaks down your profit. In addition to Tuition Fees and Rent, you'll also get cash from an XP Bonus. The amount of money you receive from this XP bonus depends on the success rate of your courses. Grades, graduates and dropouts all play a factor here. Earning XP will likely be your second highest source of income.

Rent – every dormitory on your campus will generate money each month. Click on the room's settings to see how much rent you're generating from that dormitory. A dormitory will generate more rent if it's a higher level and if there are more beds. Build a large dormitory and fill it with as many beds as possible, while leaving space for decorations to improve the room's level. One dormitory can generate more than $100,000 a year once it hits a certain level and number of tenets.

Loans – if you're really low on finances, you can withdraw a loan of up to $250,000. The bigger the loan, the higher the interest rates. Save loans as a last-minute resort, once you've run out of money.

Objectives and Challenges – occasionally you'll receive an optional challenge to complete. These normally require simple tasks to be completed like 'Remove 3 Invaders'. The reward usually includes a few thousand dollars and some Kudosh as well.

Inspections – now and then your campus will be inspected in a number of categories including hygiene, teaching, happiness and so on. Passing an inspection will yield cash and Kudosh.

End of Year Awards – at the end of the year, your campus will hold a ceremony. The ceremony will give out awards for some of your achievements like training teachers, or nurturing friendships. Each award will reward you with cash.

Research – when a Research Hub hits level 2, it will begin generating research ideas by itself. The hub will only do this when it's idle. The research ideas that the hubs develop will usually reward you with a few thousand dollars once you complete them.

Events – some facilities will be able to generate cash from events like the Savoury and Sweet Kitchens, Jousting Grounds and Cheeseball Fields. Set up an event to begin and if your campus wins the event, you'll receive cash and Kudosh. Your student's levels and grades affects your chances of winning.

Food and Drink – installing vending machines and other food and drink services, like Coffee Kiosks, is an easy way to generate some cash. You won't make buckets of profit using this method, but most vending machines only cost $200 to install. Have around two vending machines in each building to satisfy demand and avoid long walks for students. You'll only generate a few thousand dollars in profit every year since it also costs money to maintain and refill these machines.

Bookworms – bookworms are pesky little insects that you can catch if you're fast enough. Most of them only reward you with $10, but you might get lucky and find a rarer breed with more money.

How To Avoid Debt and Generate Profit:

Once you've run out of money, your cash bar will begin to hit negative amounts and turn red. You won't be able to buy anything or spend any money and if you're losing money each month, your account will fall further into the negatives. So the best way to avoid this situation is to make sure you don't overspend and that you're making a profit every single month.

You can see a breakdown of your finances in the Campus Overview section, as well as Monthly Income Reports. These resources will let you know how much you're spending and making each month, while also letting you know how much you're making in profit.

However, the Monthly Income Reports will only let you know how much you're spending on Staff Salaries, not other costs like maintenance or building costs.

As long as your Monthly Income Reports are showing profit your campus will remain stable. Even if you run out of cash, you can just wait for the month's rent and tuition to pay out. If you're not generating a profit and you run out of cash, you will need to take out a loan.

Your biggest outgoing costs will almost always come from staff salaries, so keeping this number at a minimum is essential if you want to generate profits. Make sure you only hire essential staff at the start of a level, since spare staff won't have enough work to do while the campus is empty.

Staff at lower skill levels will request a smaller salary, so hire less skilled staff that you can train later on. You can fire staff by clicking on them and you can adjust their salaries in the teacher settings menu.

Avoid debt by only spending money on the essentials when your campus is empty. Use your cash on the staff, buildings and equipment that you need until you start generating enough profit. After buying the facilities that the courses require, your money should be spent on other essential spaces, like a dormitory which will generate significant amounts of money.

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