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Two Point Campus: Guide To Nature Club

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Two Point Campus is a management game all about giving students the best education possible, whether that's through training teachers, fixing toilets, or building lecture theatres. But, anyone that's been to college will know that extra-curricular activities are just as important to students as their lessons.

Students in Two Point Campus can join clubs for various boosts. For example, Nature Club allows students to contribute to the campus environment and generally keeps campus attractiveness high. So, if you want your campus to go green, Nature Club is the perfect choice.

How To Unlock Nature Club?

To unlock Nature Club, you'll need to progress to the fourth level in the game's campaign, Noblestead. In Noblestead, you'll be tasked with preserving the traditions of Knighthood, which is handy since Nature Club is all about preservation.

After reaching that level, you'll immediately have access to the Nature Club Stand and the corresponding club items. Earning one star on Noblestead requires that you have an average campus attractiveness of 75 percent, so it would be useful to start your Nature Club as soon as you can afford to do so.

How Does Nature Club Work?

Nature Club works in the same way that every other club in Two Point Campus does. Once you place the Nature Club Stand on campus, students will begin signing up and becoming members. Hiring an assistant to work at the stand will speed up the recruitment process, attracting more members. If you have multiple clubs on campus and would like to focus on one, click on the stand and choose the ''Prioritise Recruitment" option.

When students become members of a club, they're able to interact with club items to level up and use more expensive ones. In this case, level one members can interact with the Topiary item until they level up enough to use the Allotment. The number of members in a club and their level will affect a club's prestige. When a club's prestige goes up, it increases your Campus Level.

Members of the Nature Club will look after the campus environment. They will avoid littering, water plants, and interact with club items to improve and keep up your campus' attractiveness. If any campaign level wants you to reach a certain attractiveness level, starting a Nature Club is a simple way to work towards that. Students at higher levels will have a bigger impact on the environment around them.

Nature Club Items

There are four club items that are unique to the Nature Club. The Nature Club Stand, as previously stated, allows students to sign up and become members. Topiaries are available to new club members, and you can see them shaping these plants into cool designs. The Allotment is available to members once they reach level four, and you'll be able to see students planting crops. The Hugging Tree is the highest level club item, available to members at level seven. Here's a breakdown of every Nature Club item:

Nature Club Stand
  • $25,000
  • Increases attractiveness.
  • Recruits club members.
  • Costs 25 Kudosh to unlock.
  • $500
  • Increases attractiveness.
  • Club members Lv.1-3.
  • 20 Kudosh to unlock.
  • $5,000
  • Increases attractiveness.
  • Club members Lv.4-6.
  • 25 Kudosh to unlock.
Hugging Tree
  • $10,000
  • Increases attractiveness..
  • Club members Lv.7-10.
  • 75 Kudosh to unlock.

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