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Two New House Baratheon Units Join Song Of Ice And Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game

Tabletop game company CMON recently announced two new House Baratheon units that will soon be available for A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game. The Baratheon Sentinels and Champions of the Stag units are scheduled to arrive on the Asmodee webstore and your FLGS shelves this November 13.

Both new products will be available to add to your tabletop wargaming armies in time for CMON’s expected events in 2021. CMON announced the Official Team Tournament Guideline for A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Games back in October this year, so if you plan on organizing or participating in any future tournaments, you’ll need the info contained in that 6-page PDF. And if you’re House Baratheon, you’ll definitely want to consider adding these two new units to your army before tournament time.

House Baratheon specializes in deploying stoutly-trained troops with plenty of heavy armor – and both new units are prime examples of that. Clad in scale armor, the Baratheon Sentinels march into battle wielding the signature House Baratheon dual war hammers. Regarding game mechanics, the Baratheon Sentinels have stats depicting their stalwart skill at being strong both offensively and defensively. Their double war hammers come paired with Sundering, and their Speed and Morale are respectable. When you want to apply direct pressure to a specific point on the enemy’s line, the Baratheon Sentinels can get the job done.

The Champions of the Stag are units House Baratheon calls in when a force of armored and mounted juggernauts are needed. These units epitomize their slogan, “Ours is the Fury.” Even mounted, their Speed is slower than the Sentinels, but their extra Maneuver action makes up for that. Their attacks come with the Critical Blow trait, and when on defense, they can Parry, which can cause attackers to suffer an automatic Wound.

With both units deployed on your battlefield, plenty of options avail you. The Sentinels would work well as a walking armored wall to slam against an enemy unit to hold it in place, while the Champions of the Stag could strafe along the rear flank to bring about its quick and utter destruction. It’s also important to note that neither unit is particularly loyal to either Renly or Stannis, and will serve in both armies equally.

Read and see more of the Baratheon Sentinels and the Champions of the Stag on their respective product pages.

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