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Twitch Streamer Somehow Beats Metal Gear Solid 2 With A Dance Pad

The well known streamer on Twitch known as RealKittyRawr just announced having pulled off a somewhat strange achievement, beating the stealth game Metal Gear Solid 2 using nothing but a dance pad. This feat of rather impressive gamesmanship required about nine hours of time in total, well under the average playtime, at least according to the statistics gathered on the platform How Long to Beat.

"Yo, I completed Metal Gear Solid 2 on a dance pad, something that I thought would be impossible,” RealKittyRawr posted on the social media platform Twitter. “Metal Gear Solid 3 next?" The streamer went on to say “sub-nine hours, I’ll take it!”

RealKittyRawr is no stranger to beating video games on a dance pad, having already completed several entries in the Resident Evil series on this particular type of device. Metal Gear Solid 3 seems to be "definitely next,” but the streamer currently has Bayonetta 3, Persona 3, and Silent Hill 3 speedruns on their schedule.

Several other streamers have recently risen to notoriety for beating bosses while using a dance pad, most notably the notoriously difficult Malenia in the roleplaying game Elden Ring. MissMikkaa managed exactly this only a couple of weeks ago, noting on Twitter that “Malenia has been defeated! After three days and 199 tries, Malenia is dead in the Ultimate Challenge Run where I play Elden Ring twice simultaneously with a dance pad and a controller. In the beginning, I was not even sure if this run was possible.”

This comes in the wake of news that soldiers have been fooling an artificial intelligence targeting system using a tactic straight out of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, hiding under a cardboard box. "You could hear them giggling the whole time like Bugs Bunny in a Looney Tunes cartoon, sneaking up on Elmer Fudd in a cardboard box," researcher Paul Scharre pointed out in the recently released book Four Battlegrounds: Power in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.

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