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Twitch Comes Under Fire For Endorsing Transphobic And "Autism Curing" Charities

Twitch is facing widespread criticism over its updated list of charities, which includes the transphobic LGB Alliance and the ableist Autism Speaks. It has also been found that Humble Bundle has approved these charities too, allowing its users to donate to them despite their well-known controversies.

Since making the move, Twitch has removed its public list of charities from the website, although the LGB Alliance and Autism Speaks both still appear as options for streamers looking to fundraise on the platform. There are also other controversial charities on the list of approved organizations, including one called Talk About Curing Autism Now.

When we looked on the Creator Dashboard, we found all of the above charities still open to fundraising on Twitch. This is despite heavy criticism on social media, and even more than 10,000 Twitch users voting to have them removed from the site.

Twitch has not directly responded to the criticism or the calls to remove the charities from the site. It has, however, taken down the public list of charities that are available to non-creators, suggesting that the situation is being looked at.

Humble Bundle has not come under the same level of criticism, and it's not clear when the service started supporting these charities. We have contacted Humble for comment and will update this report if we receive a response.

Autism Speaks has long been criticized online, especially by those with autism. Despite its name, the organization has always been more focussed on the families of autistic people, treating them as burdens. Only one of the 28 board members is actually autistic, furthering the stigmatization of autistic people that the charity actively contributes to through its "awareness campaigns."

As for the LGB Alliance, this is self-explanatory – it's a campaign to split the LGBTQ+ community, contributing to the media fearmongering of the transgender community. Even its description on Twitch makes it clear that it's a transphobic group, saying that the transgender community and its allies are promoting "new ideologies" that pose a "threat" to other queer people.

Both Humble and Twitch require their charities to be approved before they are available on their sites, so it's not clear how these two got past inspection. It's also not known if either of them will be removed, with neither commenting on the matter.

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