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Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: How To Get Every Hat

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion has several collectible items that players can seek out and acquire. Hats are one type of collectible found in this game, offering you an opportunity to alter the look of your character with each one found. Although they do not alter your gameplay, these collectibles prove to be extremely desirable; being the only way to alter your character's appearance.

Most Hats are acquired through the completion of side quests or exploration of optional areas, proving to be easy to miss throughout your playthrough if you are only focusing on the main questline.

The locations and requirements of each Hat in Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion are provided below.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: All Hat Locations And Requirements

HatHow To Obtain
SunhatWater Blueberry's flower is found in their garden in Veggieville. They will ask you to deliver this to Strawberry (also found in this area). Do this to obtain Strawberry's Love Letter, then return and speak to Blueberry. This will give you the Sunhat.
CrownSpeak with slayQueen32 after defeating King Pig (both found in the Bustling Barn). Doing this will give you the Crown.
HardhatAfter defeating King Pig, speak with the Construction Beet found in a windy hallway leading up to the boss room (Bustling Barn). They will have you pick up Wood for them from a blueberry (the one wearing sunglasses) found in the Alleyway to the left of Layer Lane. Bring this back to the Construction Beet and you will be given the Hardhat.
FedoraSpeak with the Pickled Gang (found in the Idle Icebox) after defeating the Rotten Cat Apple, who will then ask you to get a Hammer for them. Speak with a Carrot located in the Alleyway next to Layer Lane to acquire this, then return to the Pickled Gang. They will reward you with the Fedora.
Explorer HatOnce you have defeated Stag, speak with Annie at her lab in the Forgotten Forest. She will give you the Explorer Hat.
TophatThere will be several graves that can be dug up within the Grim Graveyard. Dig up the grave found in the top-left of the first room to find the Tophat.
Bird HatAfter reaching the final area of the Grim Graveyard and acquiring the Shovel, speak with Tot. He will give you a letter to deliver to his father, Pop, found in the Idle Icebox. Give this to Pop, who will then give you his own letter to deliver to Tot in return, earning you the Bird Hat upon doing so.
Farmer HatAfter delivering Pop's letter to Tot and earning the Bird Hat, go back to the Idle Icebox and speak with Pop again. He will give you the Farmer Hat as a token of gratitude.
ScissorsFind and obtain the Hair Dye, found in the room to the right of the kitchen in the Bomb Bunker. Bring this to the Carrot found at the bottom of Layer Lane, and they will give you the Scissors.

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