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Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: Heart Fruit Locations Guide

Although primarily falling into the puzzle genre, the indie title Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion presents you with several enemies to defeat throughout its course. These enemies possess various attacks that can inflict damage to players, taking away your hearts (health) with each hit. The damage that is dealt depends on the specific enemy and attack, with some moves taking away an entire heart, while others will only deal a fraction of this.

You will start the game off with three hearts as your total HP, but this is not permanent. Throughout your adventure, you will come across Heart Fruits, items that increase the user's total HP when consumed. Although many of these are unavoidable, others will not be encountered by players unless they are exploring "off the beaten path."

All nine Heart Fruit locations are provided below, allowing you to increase your total health from three hearts to twelve.

Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion: All Heart Fruit Locations

Will appear after defeating the boss King Pig (found in the Bustling Barn).
Found in the Alleyway left of Layer Lane. Complete the Boombloom puzzle to reveal this Heart Fruit.
Will appear after defeating the boss Rotten Cat Apple (found in the Forsaken Farmhouse).
Given from Graffiti Guy found to the right of Weapon Woods. Bring him the Spray Paint Can, which is found in the Generator Room at Forsaken Farmhouse, to be rewarded with this Heart Fruit.
To earn this Heart Fruit, you will have to complete a side quest for the Pickled Gang (found in the Idle Icebox located within the Forsaken Farmhouse), requiring you to retrieve a Hammer and return it to them. Once you have completed this, speak with the Pickled Gang as they say their "goodbyes." Revisit this area later and there will be a Heart Fruit in their place.
Will appear after defeating the boss Stag (found in the Forgotten Forest).
Found in the area to the right of the Plain Plains. You will need the Potted Petalporter (found in the Forgotten Forest) to solve the puzzle here and reveal the Heart Fruit.
Will appear after defeating the boss Liz (found in the Bomb Bunker).
The final Heart Fruit can be found in the Crumbling Cavern, accessible from the Rocky Ramp and blocked off until you defeat the final boss, Mayor Onion. The Cavern Cat is located here, providing hints to you on where to find missing Documents and Hats. Once all Documents and Hats are collected, there will be a Heart Fruit found where the Cavern Cat once stood.

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