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Trophy Data Reveals Most Players Are Getting Stuck On Sifu’s Second Level

Sifu's trophy data shows that most players are getting stuck on the game's second level, The Club.

You've probably heard this by now, but Sifu is a much more challenging game than most of us expected it to be. You're going to need to put in time and master its mechanics to get through, but there are a few specific sections that are causing more trouble than others. According to trophy data, the biggest stopping point at the moment is the game's second level, The Club.

As reported by Push Square and recorded by PSN Profiles, Sifu's trophy data shows that, although 87 percent of players have managed to beat the first level, only 47 percent have managed to get past the second, which is the biggest difference in percentage out of all of the level-based trophies, implying that there's a big stopping point there.

For those who have played through Sifu, this news probably doesn't come as too much of a surprise. The game's first level is incredibly tame, while the third and fourth have keycard skips that let you go straight to the boss. The final level is a massive challenge too, but by that point you're right at the end of the journey, so it's a bit easier to push through.

Compare this to The Club, which has multiple shortcuts and doesn't let you skip straight to the final boss, as well as introducing several types of enemies that are hard to deal with, as well as a much more difficult final boss, and you've got the makings of a real playthrough-stopper. Those two enemies right before the boss can go do one, frankly.

It's worth noting that this trophy data is bound to change over time. Not only has Sifu only been out for a little longer than a week, but it's also going to get easier over time with the promise of difficulty levels coming in a future update. Still, for now it's a good snapshot of what areas of the game players are currently finding difficult.

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