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Transformers Rise Of The Beasts Brings Beast Wars To The Big Screen In 2022

The next installment in the Transformers film franchise is scheduled for release in 2022, aptly titled Rise of the Beasts. Headed by Creed II director Steven Caple Jr. and producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, this new take will focus on the 1990s classic cartoon Beast Wars and will star Dominique Fishback and Anthony Ramos.

Rise of the Beasts will take place during the 1990s and will be relatively separate from the previous series of movies. To enliven the set, director Caple Jr. has already started injecting ’90s hip-hop into the background, telling The Hollywood Reporter: “You are going to feel hip-hop culture. You are going to feel Brooklyn.” Expect a lot of classic DJ Premier, Funkmaster Flex, and Mos Def.

Hip-hop isn’t the only backbone of this forthcoming Transformer hit, as Beast Wars itself remains a classic from the ’90s era. The animated television show focused mainly on the animalistic transformers, taking place in the timeline 300 years following the original TV series and showcasing the still ongoing war amongst the descendants of the Decepticons and the Autobots: Predacons and Maximals, respectively. The show was followed up with a sequel titled Beast Machines: Transformers and will now even make its way onto the silver screen.

The Rise of the Beasts film will focus primarily on Optimus Prime in his G1 form, who will be voiced by legendary voice actor Peter Cullen. Prime will be aided in his fight against the mighty Predacon villain named Scourge through the help of Optimus Primal, a Beast Wars hero fans will be excited to see come to life on the big screen. Producer di Bonaventura reveals to THR, “There’s a lot of commonalities [Prime and Primal] are dealing with, but there is a different perspective they are dealing with.”

Scourge himself will be nothing to scoff at either, as one of the most interesting Transformers antagonists yet, who will inevitably come into being by way of blending parts of other fallen transformers onto his body. Di Bonaventura also adds weight to this new villain, explaining how the Autobot vs Decepticon war over the past nine-year span of films has seemingly become tired, asking “How do we find a new set of villains and a new set of priorities?” It’s quite clear the team will be avoiding the Transformers 3 mistake.

Ramos will be playing an electronics mastermind and military man alongside Fishback’s undervalued museum researcher role. They will both seemingly come together with Prime and the Maximals in a quest to stop the Predacons in a world-rending threat.

Rise of the Beasts isn’t the only Transformers film on Paramount’s plate as it attempts to reinvigorate its Paramount+ streaming service, evidenced by the still under-wraps Angel Manuel Soto project. It’s unclear when fans can expect the latter, but at least we won’t have to wait long for Beast Wars to come alive in one year’s time.

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