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Tower Of Fantasy: Gift Code Guide

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The world of massively multiplayer online games expanded with the launch of Tower Of Fantasy, developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite. Within the game, there's a vast world with five different regions, all waiting for players to explore. It also has an amazing story.

Furthermore, the game offers many character choices, each of them with a unique skill set. While the game in itself is highly enjoyable, the developers share various codes that contain freebies for players to redeem whenever they hit different milestones, which makes it even better.

Codes are cycled regularly and are subject to change, as new codes arrive and old ones expire. This article will be updated accordingly.

All Tower Of Fantasy Codes

Here are the codes that are currently active in Tower Of Fantasy:

  • ILOVETOF – Weapon Battery II x5, Gold Nucleus x1
  • TOF888 – Gold x8,888, Black Nucleus x1, Crispy Grilled Fish x10
  • TOF666 – Gold x8,888, SR Relic Shard Box x1

How To Redeem Tower Of Fantasy Codes

There are a lot of menus in Tower Of Fantasy, and it can get very hard to navigate through them. Follow these few simple steps to redeem you codes:

  • The first step is to log in to the server your account is on and wait for the game to load. Next, press the gift option on the top right side of your screen, marked above.
  • You'll find an option called Rewards at the bottom. Once you're in this section, click on the Exchange tab on the left side.
  • Here, there'll be a box where you can directly paste the codes mentioned above. Click on the Redeem button to get the goods.

If you activate the code, but it doesn't work, there's a chance that it recently expired, or that you've already claimed it. Sometimes, there's a delay between redeeming the code and actually getting the rewards. Restarting your game may clear things up.

Upon redemption, you receive in-game mail that you can check through your Friends tab, or by clicking on the sign below your minimap. This notification only appears when you have new mail. You'll find all the mentioned rewards within the mail, which you can then claim and enjoy.

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