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Total War: Warhammer 3 Leak Reveals Four New Factions

The developer behind Total War: Warhammer 3, Creative Assembly, seems to have leaked a little bit of information concerning some potential factions in a video about the upcoming campaign, Immortal Empires. The news comes from fans of the franchise who scrutinized every frame of this video, spotting the names of what they believe are going to be four new factions.

The video in question took the form of a question and answer period with a couple of the people currently working on the game. “You asked, we answered," the description read. "Total War's own Richard Aldridge and Mitchell Heastie sit down to tackle some of the top Immortal Empires questions asked by you, the community." Things got especially interesting when Heastie started talking about victory conditions.

While scrolling through a list of required goals, Heastie stopped for a moment on Domination Campaign Victory. This of course named a variety of different factions that have to be destroyed, but four in particular which have never been seen before. These were the Ecstatic Legions, Fecundites, Legion of the Gorequeen, and the Puppets of Misrule.

The response on social media has been ecstatic. Players immediately took to platforms like Twitter and especially Reddit, filling entire threads with all sorts of speculation. The overall impression is that each one of the four leaked factions will be released at some point in the very near future as downloadable content. As for which characters will be heading up these new factions, the debate continues to rage, but the top contenders appear to be Azazel the Prince of Damnation for the Ecstatic Legions, Valkia the Bloody for Legion of the Gorequeen, Festus the Leechlord for the Fecundites, and Vilitch the Curseling for the Puppets of Misrule.

Creative Assembly has not yet commented about the leak or made any official announcements about the factions that are going to be featured in the upcoming campaign. Fans of the franchise are however eagerly awaiting the news.

Immortal Empires will be coming out on August 23, 2022. Total War: Warhammer 3 was released to mostly positive reviews on February 17. The game is currently sitting at 86 on Metacritic.

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