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Tomb Raider Reloaded Is A F2P – Oh My God, What Have They Done To Lara?

Tomb Raider is coming back, but Square Enix has apparently had enough of the gritty, bow-wielding Lara Croft in the most recent PS4 games. Instead, Lara Croft will be going back to her prototypical form of twin pistols strapped to thigh holsters and a green tank top that leaves pretty much nothing to the imagination.

The first trailer for Tomb Raider Reloaded dropped today revealing it to be a free-to-play mobile arcade shooter that’s coming sometime in 2021. It’ll feature a cutesy cartoonish art style, ancient artifacts sitting on pedestals at the deepest recesses of a tomb, and various monsters for Lara to defeat on her way there.

Monsters include wolves, giant spiders, some sort of rock golem, and a tyrannosaurus rex.

The trailer is light on details, but we do know the game is being made by Vancouver-based Emerald City Games, best known for their previous mobile title, GI Joe: War on Cobra. That was a base-battling MMO along the same lines as Clash of Clans, but we’re not really expecting a similar genre from Tomb Raider Reloaded. If anything, the words “arcade shooter” make us think of a rail shooter with tap controls.

This is definitely one way for Lara to return to her roots.

Expect to see more of Tomb Raider Reloaded later in 2021.

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