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Tokyo Lands And A New Artist Series To Feature In MTG June Secret Lair Superdrop

Magic: The Gathering is about to have a June Superdrop. Secret Lair will not only release another installment of the Artist Series, but also something called Tokyo Lands that will likely land cards inspired by Japan.

All this comes courtesy of an email sent from Wizards of the Coast. The email previews a new version of Commander Legends' Queen Marchesa, a Monarch-focused Commander card, done by artist Peter Diamond. The style is very different from the classic art shown above from the talented Kieran Yanner, and we can expect even more new-art cards from the rest of the Artist Series.

Tokyo Lands, meanwhile, seems to offer new basic land cards for those looking to add some new landscapes to to their decks. Players were actually teased these lands on Magic Arena, according to two Reddit posts showcasing the new Island and Mountain cards coming in Tokyo Lands.

According to Wizards' email, June's Superdrop will feature "new art, new themes," and "must-see reprints." We'll find out more in a follow-up announcement coming on Monday.

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