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Titanfall 2 Is Free To Play This Weekend On Steam, So You Really Have No Excuse

Alright, now you have no excuses. Titanfall 2 has gone from great, to great and cheap, and now it’s both great and FREE. That’s right: Titanfall 2 is now free to play on Steam for this weekend only.

Respawn Entertainment made the official announcement on Twitter stating that Titanfall 2 is having a free-to-play weekend on Steam. From now until Monday, May 3 at 10 AM PST, you may download and play Titanfall 2 to your heart’s content.

You can easily get through Titanfall 2’s campaign in a single weekend, and if you haven’t done so already, you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this incredible deal. Titanfall 2’s campaign is one of the best of all time, taking you on a cinematic rollercoaster ride while fulfilling all the sci-fi shootery goodness you’d expect from a game about future combat and giant robots.

On top of that, Titanfall 2 set the standard for movement mechanics in games when it came out in 2016. Since then it’s been often imitated, never duplicated, and it still holds up even five years later.

If you like the campaign and feel like diving into Titanfall 2’s multiplayer game modes, then we’ve got more good news for you. Because of all these great sales and promotional events, Titanfall 2 is enjoying a bit of a renaissance on Steam. It recently hit an all-time high player count of almost 17,000, which is way more than it had when it first launched on Steam back in 2020.

Not a Steam gamer? Fine, whatever, not everyone likes to deal with a PC’s chicanery. If you’re more into the new Xbox Series X, we’ve still got great news: Titanfall 2 is still cheap at $19.99, and now you can play it at 120 fps thanks to a next-gen upgrade package.

So stop saying you’ll wait. NOW is the time to play Titanfall 2. You won’t regret it.

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