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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: The Best Solo Build For Clawbringer

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  • What Is The Clawbringer?
  • What Active Skill Should I Take?
  • What Hero Skills Should I Max?
  • What Class Stats Are Best?
  • Which Subclass Should I Take?
  • Gear To Grind

Burn, baby burn! Tiny Tina's Wonderlands features many new and very fun classes to play as. Just like in the Borderlands games, guns are an extremely important element of this game. However, Tiny Tina's puts much more emphasis on utilizing Active Abilities and spells to take out enemies.

With so many new elements put in play, there are hundreds of powerful synergies that you can make use of while traversing the Wonderlands. Conversely, all of these new interactions can seem overwhelming at first, and it can be hard to know how to optimize your build. Not to fear, as that is what we are here for at theGamer.com Today we are going to be outlining how to best build a Clawbringer to deal hot and heavy damage.

What Is The Clawbringer?

Before you can play the Clawbringer, you must first become the Clawbringer. Nah, just kidding, but you should have a working knowledge of what the Clawbringer does best. This class is all about fire damage. This class is tailored to all the pyrolovers out there, who just can't get enough of the cleansing heat of the fire.

This class has a Passive Ability that causes you to be followed around by a little wyvern who spits flames at your enemies. The damage dealt by this companion scales with your damage, so it is kind of like having a second little gun flying around you. A little gun that spits flames. A flamethrower. That's a flamethrower.

What Active Skill Should I Take?

Every class in Tiny Tina's has access to two unique Active Abilities that can be cast after a cooldown. The Clawbringer is no exception and has access to the Cleansing Flame and Storm Dragon's Judgement abilities. This section will break down both abilities, and which one will be the best fit for you. Keep in mind that any Active Ability can be switched for another at any time from the pause menu. You are not locked into an ability once you choose one.

Cleansing Flames

This Active Ability causes you to summon a flaming hammer that you bring down to the ground. This causes a large fiery explosion that deals massive fire damage to all enemies nearby. This is a great choice for players who are finding that they need to create some space for themselves. This move also scales with your melee damage, so it shines with a powerful melee weapon.

Storm Dragon's Judgement

This ability will summon a lightning hammer. Your player will then hurl the hammer, and it will stick where it lands. As long as it sticks the hammer will deal your melee damage in a small radius. Additionally, the hammer can be recalled, damaging any enemy it hits on the way back, and ending the ability early. For the majority of players, this will be the superior ability to take. That said, we will discuss an instance where Cleansing Flames may be better later on.

What Hero Skills Should I Max?

Tiny Tina's Wonderland is a light-hearted goof on the popular Dungeons and Dragons franchise. As such, this game features a leveling system similar to the wildly popular dungeon crawler. You gain a skill point each time you level up. In this section, we will be looking at what Hero Skills will be most valuable to the Clawbringer.

  • Wisdom determines how much damage is inflicted by elemental damage. For someone who focuses on lighting their enemies on fire, this will determine your main source of damage.
  • Attunement reduces the Active Skill cooldown time.
  • Dexterity increases the rate at which critical hits land. This stat can be powerful since Clawbringers will be relying on their melee and weapon damage as much as magic.
  • Strength Increases the damage dealt by critical hits.

These are only suggestions for how to maximize DPS. If you are finding you need more health, or spells are taking too long to recharge, allocate points where they are needed.

What Class Stats Are Best?

Along with Hero skills, each class has its unique skill tree. This gives you a whopping three skill trees to invest in. This is great because you will have many synergies to work with, but the options can be overwhelming. To start, let's take a look at the Clawbringer tree, and which skills you want to dump points into.

  • Oath of Fire increases fire damage for every level invested into it.
  • Oath of Thunder Increases thunder damage.
  • Dragon Aura increases all elemental that you deal.
  • Friend to Flame increases the damage dealt by your wyvern.

Those are the bare minimum most useful stats for the Clawbringer. When we talk about subclasses, we will outline other skills that will benefit those classes specifically.

Which Subclass Should I Take?

Subclasses are critical to unlocking the true potential of any build. You can choose any of the other classes as your subclass after you blow up the ocean. Calling it a subclass is a little disingenuous because it is like having a dual class. You can have an Active Ability from either class, and you have access to the full skill tree of both classes as well. We will get into how to round out each skill tree later. For now, let's dive subclasses. Most other classes only synergize well with one other class, but the Clawbringer can be made powerful in two different ways.


The first class we will be taking a look at is the Brr-Zerker. This class focuses on freezing enemies and dealing massive damage to those enemies using melee weapons. Since the Clawbringer's Active Abilities rely on melee damage you may see where the appeal is in this build. The idea would be to freeze enemies with your gun, then shatter them with one of your Active Abilities. This build has the added benefit of dealing two types of elemental damage depending on the Active Skill you choose. Here are the Brr-Zerker Skills you show max out to increase efficiency:

  • Ancestral Frost increases your Frost efficiency.
  • Savagery increases melee damage.
  • Ice Breaker makes you deal increased damage to enemies that are slowed.
  • The Old Ways cause you to deal more damage the closer you are to enemies.
  • Cold Snap further increases Frost efficiency.

If you go the Brr-zerker route, you don't need to put skill points into Oath of Thunder, since you will want to go with the Cleansing Flame Active Ability. This is because Brr-zerkers deal increased damage when they are close to enemies.

If you choose the Brr-zerker route, keep in mind that you are trying to buff your fire damage. That being the case, you need the following skills from the Clawbringer tree in addition to all the ones listed above:

  • Firebolt causes the wyvern companion to shoot fireballs that explode and increase gun damage.
  • Blasthamut's Favor shoots homing fireballs at enemies when an enemy is killed by a gun.
  • Rebuke lessens damage taken from all sources.


While the ice and fire build can be fun, the Graveborn has several powerful synergies with this class as well. Graveborns rely on Dark damage to hurt enemies and refill their health. They also have a hidden ability that allows them to deal more damage the more companions you have. Since the passive ability of both classes will spawn a companion, you have a severe advantage in this tree already, and can further up your damage with the right spells. Graveborn's will need these stats:

  • Mortal Vessel increases health and leech efficiency.
  • Faithful Thralls increase your damage for every companion you have active.
  • Harvest increases the amount of Dark damage a companion deals.
  • Dark Hydra makes it so that dead enemies can spawn Hydra companions.

Look out for Hydra brand spell books. These spells often summon companions, thus adding to your total follower count.

As far as additional Clawbringer skills go, just focus on making the companion deal as much damage as possible. With just the skills listed, you should be very powerful so use your extra wiggle room to try out some high-tier Clawbringer abilities.

Gear To Grind

The Borderlands series is famous for its randomization. As a result, it is hard to pinpoint a "this gun or that gun" specifically. Instead, we will be giving you a broad idea of what kind of gear you need to be on the lookout for.

Let's start with the bread and butter of the Borderlands: Guns! Elemental damage is huge for this build and depending on how you build you can look for guns with fire damage lightning damage or both. Any fully automatic weapon is going to be a good choice for this build, so you can quickly inflict and stack elemental damage.

You will also have to fill out armor, ring, and amulet slots. For armor, look for something that boosts your class damage, and also ups companion damage. Your other accessory slots should serve to reduce your spell cooldown time and your maximum health. If you need some help finding Epic or Legendary gear, try checking our guide on the Chaos Chambers.

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