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Tiny Tina’s wonderlands: How To Defeat The Knight Mare

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Tina Tina's Wonderlands is chock-full of fruitful quests, awesome weapons, and a brand new lineup of tough foes to take out. Just like in the Borderlands games, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands hits you with some particularly tricky, unpredictable bosses; many of which come with different phases. One notable example is the spirit-horse monstrosity known as Knight Mare.

This penultimate boss can be rather brutal for her array of potent moves, many of which can wipe out most of your health if they manage to find their mark. Not only this, but there are quite a few attacks and behavioral patterns to learn. As such, it's important to be prepared and well-equipped to deal with this ominous foe—and move on to face the Dragon Lord.

Finding And Preparing For Knight Mare

Players will clash with Knight Mare at the end of the main story mission Soul Purpose, late in the game. This climactic quest takes place north of Karnok's Wall in the Overworld, specifically within the zone Ossu-Gol Necropolis.

Just reaching this boss can take roughly 30 minutes, and you'll need to fight through a number of Wraiths, Cyclops, and other baddies, so come prepared.

At the conclusion of Soul Purpose, you'll need to enter the Hall of Heroes, where a cutscene will trigger with Tina, and the epic battle will begin.

It's a good idea to bring at least one spell or weapon that can deal Lightning, Poison, and Frost, or purchase one at a vendor. The reason being is Knight Mare possesses three health bars:

Yellow (Armor)Poison is effective against her
White (Bone)Frost is effective against her
Blue (Ward)Lightning is effective against her

You'll want to be at least close to level 40 before clashing with Knight Mare.

How To Defeat Knight Mare

This boss can be particularly tough, as she uses a variety of strong moves, spends some time immune to attacks, and can be unpredictable if you're not prepared. She's widely considered one of the hardest bosses to beat, second only to the Dragon Lord.

Knight Mare will initiate three different phases, each of which triggers with a different health bar being exposed. It's important to study her patterns during each of these. The first two phases are a mostly-melee living form, while in the third phase, she becomes a spirit and is far more unpredictable and powerful.

Phase 1 – Armor

This first phase is relatively tame, as Knight Mare will mainly use melee attacks, and there will be a slew of skellies for easy Death Saves if you fall.

She will charge you pretty swiftly at this point, however, so be ready to dodge, slide, or run back to avoid getting run over. If you're concerned that she's getting close, you can glance at the radar, and see how close her icon is to you on the map.

When she finishes her charge, this is the best time to fire at her. She will get winded for a bit, at which point she's vulnerable to attacks.

She will also toss her large ax at you from a distance, so be on the lookout and evade these. She'll continue to adjust her throwing angle, so you'll want to be quick and keep moving. Keep in mind, that there is also some area-of-effect damage that can chip away at your health/Ward if you're too close to where the axes hit the ground.

Another major attack in this first stage is a hail of fireballs, which are launched from her head and are pelted sporadically, though in your general direction.

Phase 2 – Bone

During this second phase, she'll continue pelting the area with fireballs and charge at you, in addition to using other powerful attacks. This is similar to the first phase, except she'll be a bit more frantic and has the white bar rather than the yellow.

An attack she'll use more often here is the spin move, in which she'll swiftly spin in a whirlwind towards you with her weapon out. Don't bother firing back at her here, as she will be immune while spinning. Instead, keep running, sliding, and rolling back away from her, and make a quick turn if she draws very close.

You can get a better sense of when Knight Mare is immune to any attack—as the armor/health bar will display a grey watermark or overlay with a shield symbol on top of it. Once she's worn herself out after several seconds of spinning, you'll then be able to fire at her again.

She'll charge and/or be immune fairly often. Thus, it's a good idea to really take advantage of any downtime and fire rapidly at her head where she's standing still and vulnerable.

You can choose to activate the three purple runes spread across the map if it's safe to do so, as this will wipe away her immunity.

She'll continue doing these moves until her health bar (Bone) is depleted. Keep dodging the charge and spin moves. Be sure to always have an easy exit, and try not to back into walls or pursue skellies. They can blindside you and finish you off if already low on health.

Phase 3 – Spirit With Ward

Now comes the truly difficult part—Knight Mare's spirit form. During this portion, it's best to zap her with Lightning, as a Ward bar will appear, replacing the yellow and white ones. Doing this with an effective enough Lightning weapon or spell can whittle down her Ward fairly quickly. This is useful, as many of her moves here can be devastating, downing you in just one hit (or nearly doing so).

At this point, Knight Mare will start teleporting around the map, including ledges above you. She will unleash waves of energy that ripple outward, which you'll need to time and duck or jump to avoid them.

At this point, keep watch for skeleton archers as well, as they will post up above and fire at you. These can also be picked off for Death Saves, but you may still want to keep at least one or two runners on the ground level alive for easier access.

If you can't find her, look up and beyond to the elevated platforms, as she will often teleport to this area. She can still take damage when perched atop the arena. When on a ledge, she may summon a line of spirit horses that will charge at you. Get ready to evade them by running to the side or between them, while ducking to avoid the wave of energy that moves with them.

Finally, she'll fire orbs of electricity at you and at times and swing an enormous spectral battle axe when on a ledge. Wait a couple of seconds after she raises the axe, then get ready to run and slide to the side to avoid its devastating blow.

Finally, you will likely notice her standing in near the pit while in spirit form with the huge axe out for a moment. A potent wave of electricity will appear all over the arena when she does this, so you'll want to crouch and continue firing to avoid it. Be sure to keep moving/strafing here, as she'll continue firing balls of electricity.

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