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Tiny Tina’s Assault On Dragon Keep: How To Unlock The Challenge Accepted Trophy/Achievement

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There's a plethora of fun, action-packed activities to engage in when playing Borderlands 2 and its various DLC. This extends to the robust, memorable expansion starring the quirky Tiny Tina; the fantasy-based Assault on Dragon Keep. In addition to cool new weapons to gather and quests to complete, this add-on features a number of challenges to tackle throughout its colorful campaign.

In response to the strong reception of this DLC — and as a lead-in to the anticipated Tiny Tina's Wonderlands —, 2k and Gearbox have re-released Assault on Dragon Keep a stand-alone title, with the moniker "One-Shot Adventure." While it's largely unchanged, the game does feature a handful of additions and tweaks. These include a new opening cinematic, revamped campaign scaling (with players starting fresh at level one), and some unique challenges wrapped into a new Achievement/Trophy: Challenge Accepted.

This guide will serve as a blueprint regarding the details behind this challenge. It will cover the specific challenges needed to earn this coveted Achievement/Trophy and provide additional details where appropriate.

Details About the Achievement/Trophy

"Challenge Accepted" requires players to complete tasks such as slaying various enemies in different ways, retrieving and exchanging cash/goods, and using the Second Wind ability in certain scenarios.

This challenge rewards the player with 70 Gamerscore on Microsoft platforms or a Gold Trophy on Sony consoles when completed.

Below are a series of notes you should keep in mind while completing your tasks.

  • These objectives are considered completed and count towards the "Challenge Accepted" Achievement/Trophy after completing the first level for each. However, a few of the challenges do require completion through the fifth level in order to unlock another required challenge.
    • One example of this is Open Wide in the Shotgun category, which unlocks an additional Shotgun challenge.
    • The other example is Splish Splash in the Rocket category, which unlocks Catch-a-Rocket!. Open Wide and Splish Splash should be prioritized early on for this reason.
    • With regard to each other challenge — they're all available from the start (or will be revealed upon completing them).
    • The challenges listed below are the requirements for level one completion.
  • Most of the challenges (level one) are simple enough and will typically be completed — or nearly so— just by playing through the One-Shot Adventure campaign.
    • However, a few can take some extra time and effort. Be sure to check back on the menu screen to view your progress.
    • You can always return to previously visited areas upon completing the main story to finish off any challenges left incomplete.
    • The challenges listed below are specifically for Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-Shot Adventure.
      • However, these challenges are mostly the same that exist in the Borderlands 2-specific Tiny Tina DLC, with only a few small differences that include enemies and Projectile-related challenges.
      • Challenges For The Achievement/Trophy

        The challenges are divided into 16 categories.

        Dragon Keep (Specific Enemy Kills)

        Name of Challenge:Requirement for Completion (level 1):Additional details:
        Scot-FreeKill 50 dwarves.Small foes that comprise ranged units as well as melee-oriented fighters who toss various weapons.
        Rock Out With Your Rock OutKill 10 golems.These are sentient rock beings that are typically sluggish but powerful and can jump high. They're a threat at close range.
        Knighty KnightKill 10 knights.These foes run towards you to close range while striking with their swords. They also occasionally toss their blades.
        Orcs Should PerishKill 50 orcs.Quick and agile enemies, usually melee-based but some use ranged attacks. Vulnerable to incendiary damage.
        Bone BreakerKill 50 skeletons.Mix of melee and ranged fighters, often found in small groups. Most are resistant to incendiary attacks.
        Ew Ew Ew EwKill 25 spiders.Weak when faced alone, but flock to groups often. They usually leap in for close-range strikes or lob cumbersome webbing.
        Cheerful Green GiantsKill 10 treants.Strong, but slow-moving trees. Appear exclusively in The Forest. Vulnerable to incendiary damage and can be slagged.
        Magical MassacreKill 10 wizards.Various spells at their disposal. They usually fight on their own but can be powerful. Can teleport and use shield-depleting white magical energy.
        Fus Roh DieKill 10 dragons.The color of their scaly hides reveals its elemental affinity. Each has a unique kind of breath attack. Example: Blue dragons shoot electric projectiles.
        Can't Fool MeKill 5 mimics.Disguises as loot boxes who snap at the nearest foe.

        Elemental (Damage And Kills Involving Elemental Moves)

        Name of Challenge:Requirement for Completion:
        Cowering InfernoLight 25 enemies on fire.
        Acid TripKill 5 enemies with corrosive damage.
        BoomKill 5 enemies with explosives.
        Slag-LickedDeal 5,000 bonus damage to slagged enemies.
        Say "Watt" AgainDeal 5,000 damage with shock DoT (damage over time) effects.
        CorroderateDeal 5,000 damage with corrosive DoT effects.
        I Just Want To Set the World on FireDeal 5,000 damage with incendiary DoT effects.

        Loot (Includes Pick-Ups And Purchases)

        Name of Challenge:Requirement for Completion:
        Open Pandora's BoxesOpen 25 lootable crates, lockers, and other objects.
        Gun RunnerPick up or purchase 10 weapons.
        The Call of BootyOpen 5 treasure chests.
        Nothing Rhymes with OrangeLoot or purchase 1 legendary item.
        Purple ReignLoot or purchase 1 purple-rarity item.
        I like My Treasure RareLoot or purchase 3 blue-rarity items.
        Another Man's TreasureLoot or purchase 10 white items.
        Its Not Easy Looting GreenLoot or purchase 5 green-rarity items.

        Money and Trading

        Name of Challenge:Requirement for Completion:
        Whaddaya Buyin'?Purchase 1 item with Eridium.
        For the Hoard!Save a lot (10,000) of money.
        Psst, Hey Buddy…Trade with 1 other player.
        WholesaleSell 10 items to vending machines.
        Limited-Time OfferBuy 1 item of the Day.
        Dolla Dolla Bills, Y'allCollect 5,000 dollars from cash drops.

        Health And Recovery (Includes Second Winds And Revives)

        Name of Challenge:Requirement for Completion:
        I'm Back! Shocked?Get Second Winds by killing 1 enemy with a shock DoT.
        Death, Wind, and FireGet Second Winds by killing 1 enemy with an incendiary DoT.
        I'll Just Help MyselfGet Second Winds by killing 5 enemies.
        Green MeanieGet Second Winds by killing enemies with a corrosive DoT.
        This is no Time for Lazy!Revive a co-op partner 5 times.
        Badass BingoGet Second Winds by killing 1 badass enemy.
        Heal PlzRecover 1,000 health.


        Name of Challenge:Requirement for Completion:
        Pull the PinKill 10 enemies with grenades.
        Singled OutKill 5 enemies with Singularity grenades.
        EXPLOOOOOSIONSKill 5 enemies with MIRV grenades.
        Chemical SprayerKill 5 enemies with Area-of-Effect grenades.
        Woah, Black BettyKill 5 enemies with Bouncing Betty grenades.
        Health VampireKill 5 enemies with 5 Transfusion grenades.


        Name of Challenge:Requirement for Completion:
        Game of ThornsKill 5 enemies with reflected damage from a Spike shield.
        Amp It UpKill 5 enemies while buffed by an Amplify shield.
        Roid RageKill 5 enemies while buffed by a Maylay shield.
        Super NovasKill 5 enemies with a Nova shield burst.

        Rocket Launcher

        Name of Challenge:Requirement for Completion:
        Sky Rockets in FlightKill 10 enemies from long range with rocket launchers.
        Catch-a-Rocket!Kill 5 enemies with direct hits from rocket launchers.
        Splish SplashKill 5 enemies with rocket launcher splash damage (50 kills needed to unlock another challenge).
        Gone with the Second WindGet 1 Second Wind with rocket launchers.
        Rocket and RollKill 5 enemies with rocket launchers.

        Sniper Rifle

        Name of Challenge:Requirement for Completion:
        Surprise!Kill 5 unaware enemies with sniper rifles.
        Longshot HeadshotGet 10 critical hits with sniper rifles.
        LongshotKill 10 enemies with sniper rifles.
        No Scope, No ProblemKill 5 enemies with sniper rifles without using the scope/iron sights.
        Leaf on the Second WindGet 1 Second Wind with sniper rifles.
        Snipe HuntingKill 5 enemies with critical hits using sniper rifles.

        Assault Rifle

        Name of Challenge:Requirement for Completion:
        Aggravated AssaultKill 10 enemies with assault rifles.
        This Is My Rifle…Get 10 critical hits with assault rifles.
        …This Is My GunKill 5 enemies with critical hits using assault rifles.
        From My Cold, Dead HandsGet 1 Second Wind with assault rifles.
        Crouching Tiger, Hidden Assault RifleKill 5 enemies with assault rifles while crouched.


        Name of Challenge:Requirement for Completion:
        High Rare of IreKill 5 enemies with critical hits using SMGs.
        More Like Submachine FUNGet 1 Second Wind with SMGs.
        Constructive CriticismGet 10 critical hits with SMGs.
        Hail of BulletsKill 10 enemies with SMGs.


        Name of Challenge:Requirement for Completion:
        Shotgun!Kill 10 enemies with shotguns.
        Faceful of BuckshotGet 25 critical hits with shotguns.
        Lock, Stock, and…Get 1 Second Wind with shotguns.
        Open Wide!Kill 10 enemies at point-blank range with shotguns (250 kills needed to unlock another challenge).
        Shotgun SurgeonKill 5 enemies with critical hits using shotguns.
        Shotgun SniperKill 5 enemies from long range with shotguns.


        Name of Challenge:Requirement for Completion:
        Hard BoiledGet 1 Second Wind with pistols.
        PistoleroKill 5 enemies with critical hits.
        QuickdrawKill 5 enemies shortly after aiming down the sights with a pistol.
        DeadeyeGet 10 critical hits with pistols.
        The KillerKill 10 enemies with pistols.


        Name of Challenge:Requirement for Completion:
        Fisticuffs!Kill 10 enemies with melee attacks.
        A Squall of ViolenceKill 10 enemies with melee attacks using bladed guns.

        General Combat

        Name of Challenge:Requirement for Completion:
        Gun SlingerDeal 5,000 damage with Tediore reloads.
        BoomerbangKill 5 enemies with Tediore reloads.
        Critical AcclaimKill 10 enemies with critical hits. And Rainbows.
        Knee-Deep in BrassFire 300 rounds.
        …To Pay the BillsKill 5 enemies while using your Action Skill.
        Not Full of MonkeysKill 5 enemies with stationary barrels.


        Name of Challenge:Requirement for Completion:
        Haters Gonna HateWin 1 duel.
        SidejackedComplete 1 side mission.
        Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Challenges…Complete 5 challenges.

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