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TikTok Video Spoils Fate Of The Boys Character In Season 4

Because nothing in this world is sacred or pure, a potentially rather large spoiler for The Boys season 4 has just been accidentally shared on TikTok. This is your final warning – if the headline and strap weren't enough – that this article contains potential spoilers.

The TikTok shows a large location set in Toronto, where members of The Seven are seen walking onto a Vought International stage with an American Flag background. Presumably Homelander is going to make a big speech.

Many fans noticed one supposedly deceased character sticking out like a sore thumb, Black Noir. Don't worry, you aren't misremembering anything, Black Noir did indeed get his guts ripped out by Homelander in season 3.

Now, his appearance in this behind the scenes clip could mean many things. It could be a flashback scene, unlikely considering we're missing a key member of The Seven: Maeve. There is a woman on set who looks a bit like her from a distance, but her outfit doesn't match up. Starlight also isn't there, suggesting this is a current-day scene.

Some fans are speculating in the comments that Noir survived his injuries and is simply continuing to work for Vought. The poor man went through so much under Soldier Boy, now he has to deal with Homelander too.

The theory that seems the most likely is that Vought simply doesn't want the public to know that Black Noir is dead and has decided to put somebody else in his old suit. Hopefully, someone cleaned all the blood and intestines out first. Given the fact there was no attempt to hide Noir from the public, this seems the most likely by far.

There is another potential theory, one that would be quite outlandish but could help to deal with the Homelander problem. In the comics, it's revealed that Black Noir was actually a clone of Homelander all along. Obviously, this hasn't been done in the show, but it could happen. It'd also mean The Boys would have someone who could actually take Homelander on, his own clone.

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