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This Wholesome Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Lets You Hug Judy

This wholesome Cyberpunk 2077 mod lets you hug Judy at any time.

Although Cyberpunk 2077 can be pretty divisive, one great part of the game that almost everyone agrees on is its characters. From Panam to Goro, almost every character in the game is beloved for one reason or another, and easily the most popular is Judy, the braindance hacker you meet during the game's main events.

Not only is Judy a beloved character, but she's also one the player can romance as long as they're female V with a female body type. Although Judy is a possible love interest for the player, one criticism of Cyberpunk is that its romance can feel a little loveless and pointless, something that modder deceptious is aiming to fix by allowing players to hug a romanced Judy whenever they like.

The mod changes the game's script to add a new dialogue option when talking to Judy called "Hug". When pressed the player will, well hug her, obviously. It's not a big drastic change, but it's impressive that deceptious was able to move the hugging animation from one set scene and make it useable anywhere.

Modder deceptious detailed how and why they created the mod, revealing that it was taken from the game's "Star" ending. They said, "I've modified the scene that controls interactions with her in her apartment (and holocalls when you call her, but this option isnt available there of course). This uses the hold/hug animations used in the Star ending".

As for the why, well it's pretty simple according to deceptious, "Isn't it weird you can't show a little affection to the romanced characters?" As noted above, that's one of the smaller criticism of Cyberpunk 2077, so it's hard to argue with. Who doesn't love giving hugs, anyway?

Although the mod seems to work pretty well, there are a few noted issues with it, such as a small 'pop' that happens before and after the hug, which is apparently a limitation of it appearing in a scene it's not intended for.

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