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This Week In Elden Ring: The Silent Hills Between, Morgott’s Curse Lifted, And Horrible Bosses

It's been seven months, and there's still stuff happening in and around Elden Ring worth writing about. Doing these weekly roundups has truly been an eye-opening experience – I mean, I knew FromSoftware games have massive communities, but seeing you lot come up with theories, dig up secrets, and pull off all sorts of shenanigans in The Lands Between is truly the highlight of my week. My work week of course, I have a life, you know.

Players Discover That Morgott's Curse Lifts When Defeated

Almost any and every person in The Lands Between lives a wretched life. Either because they're surrounded by horrible, nightmarish creatures, or they are said horrible, nightmarish creatures. It's hard to tell which is worse honestly, because both have their drawbacks. But thankfully, it seems they do have some respite after death.

Morgott the Omen King couldn't have had a great life, considering it was cursed. When we meet him, he has painful looking horns sticking out of his head while being unnaturally large, a lot like the other Great Rune holders. However, some players noticed that upon being defeated, Morgott's body shrinks down and looks kind of normal. Considering his horns are all gone, it could be that his curse is lifted upon death.

Modder Has Turned The Lands Between Into A Silent Hill-Esque Nightmare

Some people are just masochists – there's no other explanation for this mod. Elden Ring has enough jump scares and creepy hand creatures to keep you on your toes – not to mention sword-wielding crows – but modders can't get enough. So they find ways to up the ante and top up on the nightmare fuel week in and week out. How did they manage that this time? They created an Elden Ring mod inspired by Silent Hill, of course.

Modder Matt Gruen collaborated with Twitch streamer LilAggy to create a special mod to use during one of the latter's streams. "I turned Elden Ring into a HORROR GAME by adding the Consecrated Snowfield blizzard effect EVERYWHERE, turning off the HUD, and randomizing the enemies so you never know what's coming," said LilAggy.

Fans Share The Best Messages They've Encountered

We've all come across dogs in The Lands Between. You know, those animals that are green in colour, about a foot high, and have a hard shell on their backs? There's even a massive one wearing a Pope hat. Don't worry if you don't recognise them though, helpful Tarnished have used the game's messaging system to point them out.

Players got together to discuss some of the best messages they came across. This included stuff like "Try throwing Elden Ring" near the cliff overlooking a lava lake to reference The Lord of the Rings, or "Try mushroom, then sage" near a cooking pot. And let's not forget the classic, "Try finger, but hole."

Mohg Was Initially Just A Regular Enemy

Have you ever wondered about how a particular person managed to rise up the ranks to become a manager? Sometimes people fail upwards, especially the ones that nobody likes. Take Mohg, for instance. He's a blood sucking leech who isn't even liked by his own people.

But, as fate would have it, somewhere along the development cycle of Elden Ring, he was promoted from nameless enemy to Shardbearer. We know this because of the datamining exploits of none other than Zullie the Witch.

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