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This Week In Elden Ring: Erdtree At Home, Inspiration From Dark Souls, And Punching Bosses

Another mixed bag this week in the Elden Ring roundup, but this time we have a rare bit of business related news as well. Sony has been flirting with FromSoftware for a while now, and while it hasn't completely acquired the studio, it has ensured that the studio's games will continue launching on PlayStation consoles.

Sony's Investment In FromSoftware Could Lead To Projects Other Than Games

But it's not only games that this investment will yield. As is the recent trend, Sony is not opposed to creating movies and TV shows related to one of FromSoftware's IPs. A prequel series to Elden Ring, establishing The Lands Between before the lowly Tarnished comes along sounds pretty interesting.

“You should think of collaborations on the game development side first and foremost, but it's also not unthinkable with our PlayStation Productions efforts that we explore opportunities," said SIE Worldwide Studios Head Hermen Hulst in a recent interview.

Praise The Erdtree At Home With This Art Collection

The trophies you get to keep after defeating Elden Ring's bosses are restricted to either their weapons or armour. Unfortunately, you can't keep their heads as a reminder of the repeated struggle you had to endure before finally slaying them. And, I can't believe I have to say this, it's also illegal in real life.

So, the next best thing you can do is hang a print of your adversary in your home, to remind yourself that if you can beat Radahn, you can beat anything. Cook and Becker has created stunning Elden Ring prints in partnership with FromSoftware. Godfrey, the Tree Sentinel, and the Erdtree are only some of the art pieces you can get.

Omenkiller Is Based On Capra Demon Data From Dark Souls

Considering how large Elden Ring is in size and scope, you can only imagine how much content FromSoftware had to create to populate Hidetaka Miyazaki's vision. A good chunk of this content would later be cut to make sure the game does not feel bloated. The same can be said about the Dark Souls trilogy. So, it's no surprise when you see something similar in both titles.

The Omenkiller, for instance, is one of many examples of Elden Ring using data from Dark Souls. A recent datamine discovered that the enemy's attacks, and the moves are all nearly identical to that of the Capra Demon in the original Dark Souls.

Player Beats Godskin Duo In 5.5 Hours With Nothing But Their Fists

Sometimes, you just need to assert your dominance with your own two fists. No fancy swords, no giant hammers, no shooty staves, just your bare hands against someone's face. Of course, I only mean this for video game fights, I am the last person who should give advice on real life fights.

Twitter user GinoMachino has adopted this philosophy, and defeated one of the game's most frustrating boss encounters with just their fists. It took five and a half hours, but GinoMachino finally beat the daylights out of the Godskin Duo and will proceed to try this with every boss in the game.

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