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This Week In Elden Ring: A Just Reward, An Origin Story, And Divine Armaments

It's been a rewarding week for two of Elden Ring's biggest community heroes. The heroic Let Me Solo Her finally received his just reward, while legendary FromSoftware games dataminer Zullie the Witch revealed her own origin story, and a new mod introduces a whole new weapon tier to the game.

Let Me Solo Her Shows Off "Special Gift" From Bandai Namco

Let's face it, beating Malenia is no easy task. However, a lucky few managed to summon the legendary warrior, Let Me Solo Her to defeat the Blade of Miquella. In his journey so far, he has slain her over 2,000 times, helping as many Tarnished along the way. The noble deed eventually caught the eye of publisher, Bandai Namco, who sent him a special gift.

Klein Tsuboi, a.k.a. Let Me Solo Her, has finally revealed the contents of the gift. It included a wooden carving of Malenia, a replica of Melina's cloak, a map of The Lands Between, a plaque with Bandai Namco and FromSoftware's logos, an actual sword, and a note that we can only assume says that he now owns FromSoft. A gift worthy of an Elden Lord.

Zullie The Witch Reveals Her Origin Story

Zullie the Witch is one of the most prolific dataminers when it comes to FromSoftware games. If you've come across any Elden Ring deleted content, fun facts, or secrets, they were probably unearthed from the game's code by her. To celebrate reaching 500,000 YouTube subscribers, Zullie published a special video detailing how she chose her name and got into datamining.

She mentioned that she cosplayed as Zullie the Witch – a character that only existed in item descriptions of Dark Souls 2 – during a PvP event. Her first ever hack was changing her character name to 'Zullie the Witch'.

Rennala Boss Fight Might Be Cut Content From Dark Souls 3

One of Zullie's most recent datamines revealed that the boss fight against Rennala may have originally been planned for Dark Souls 3’s Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth. If you don’t know, Rosaria is the head of the Fingers covenant where you offer Pale Tongues to change your stats and appearance. Zullie pointed out that both characters are based around rebirth, have similar poses, and even the cribs that Rennala's children use can be found in Dark Souls 3.

Add to that the "Boss Battle BGM Rosaria" event trigger in Dark Souls 3 found by modder Katalash, and we can surmise that Rosaria was planned to be a boss fight at some point.

Mod Adds New Weapon Tier Called Divine Armaments

Ghost8686 is clearly not impressed with high tier weapons that Elden Ring has to offer, as they've included an additional tier in their mod, Elden Ring Augmented. These Divine Armaments are lore friendly and some of them are taken right from the cold dead hands of the enemies you've defeated.

They include Maliketh’s Black Blade, which can summon the power of Destined Death, the Elden Blade, based on the Radiant Golden Order Greatsword, the Bolt of Gransax spear, based on Dragonlord Awakened, and the Dark Moon Greatsword, which uses the Moonlight Greatsword skill.

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