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This Tinder Swindler Gets Guys To Buy Nier: Automata Then Ghosts Them

There are any number reasons why you might choose to play a particular video game. A recommendation from a friend, an ad on TV, or it's on sale and you're looking for something new to play. Or, you know, you might have been convinced to pick up and play a copy of something by a stranger on Tinder who then ghosted you once the transaction was complete.

That's how at least 22 men got into Nier: Automata. Ennja (spotted by former TheGamer writer Cian Maher) revealed on Twitter a short while ago that she would “roam around on Tinder and get guys to buy Nier: Automata.” After they bought it, she'd then ghost them, leaving the proud new owners of a great game wondering what it is they did wrong.

Ennja clarified that she never offered anything up in return for them buying and trying what is presumably her favorite game. She would simply talk about it a lot with whoever she matched with, and Tinder being Tinder, most of those matches rushed to buy a copy of the game. It's almost sweet.

Hey, maybe some of those 22 new Automata owners were doing it for the right reasons. To give them something more to talk about with their new match only to find Ennja had disappeared. Her mission had already been accomplished. As she highlights at the end of her viral tweet, “high sales mean more Taro games.” Yoko Taro has actually learned of Ennja's exploits, replying to news of the 22 additional Tinder-assisted sales with “glory to mankind”.

Hopefully some of the 22 men who bought Nier: Automata enjoyed the experience. Even though she ghosted them, Ennja did them a favor by introducing them to a terrific game. If they are now staunch Nier fans, hopefully none of them were tricked for a second time when the game's community was whipped up into a frenzy by the discovery of a secret door. As some suspected all along, what was found behind the door was the work of modders.

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