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This Spider-Man Mod Lets Players Swing Around As Aunt May, But It Looks Pretty Cursed

A modder has added Aunt May into Spider-Man, but it doesn't look quite like it's supposed to.

Insomniac's take on Spider-Man has had several character swap mods since its release, including such heroes and villains as Doc Ock, Rhino, and even the spider that bit Peter Parker, but modders have now reached the only logical conclusion and put Aunt May in Spider-Man's shoes.

Modder jediijosh920, whose modding work on Spider-Man we've featured several times, has decided to round out their collection of Spider-Man character model swaps by making one for Peter Parker's greatest ally. They showcased the mod through their YouTube channel, but much like other mods by them, don't expect to see it go public as jediijosh920 doesn't tend to make the mods available for download.

Interestingly, despite the fact that most of the Spider-Man character model swaps in the past have worked pretty well, with the Doc Ock one even having the ability to swing his tentacles around, the Aunt May model swap is pretty cursed. In the cutscene where Spider-Man shows off his advanced suit for the first time, Aunt May is strangely shown to be in a perched position throughout the whole thing.

It gets even worse when it moves over to gameplay, as Aunt May is kept in that crouching position but now has a random NPCs head floating above her the whole time that keeps clipping in and out of existence. Think it can't get more cursed? In another bit of gameplay, Aunt May now has Fred Flintstone legs whenever she swings around, running independently of where the rest of her body is facing. Don't worry though, the floating NPC head is still there. It's always there.

The rest of the video shows even more strange visual glitches as Aunt May swings around, including her sweater streaming behind like Batman's cape, and another instance of being stuck in a strange pose. We don't get to see her in combat, but that's probably for the best – these nightmares are enough, thanks.

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