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This Mod Turns Skyrim Into Elden Ring With Over 130 Animations

Part of what makes Elden Ring such a great game is how every weapon can completely change the way you play. A longsword won’t swing the same as a rapier, and a great sword won’t pummel opponents the same way as a halberd or a pickaxe. Add in all the various ways you can customize your weapons through Ashes of War, and Elden Ring offers unparalleled replayability just through melee weapons alone.

Skyrim, on the other hand, just has the same sword swing no matter what sword or dagger you happen to have equipped. What it could really use is Elden Ring’s animations, which is exactly the thought a group of modders had when they came up with the Elden Rim Moveset Collection.

This mod, available now on Nexus Mods, adds over 130 new animations to “turn your Skyrim into an Elden Ring.” These new animations apply to all Skyrim’s weapons, including fists, swords, daggers, axes, maces, greatswords, battleaxes, and warhammers. It also adds entirely new animations for dual-wielding that seem a lot more natural rather than the weird lop-sided swipes your Dragonborn would perform.

The Elden Rim Moveset Collection requires the ADXP | MCO framework mod to function, which is a mod that essentially locks the player’s movement to specific animations. It’s what makes it impossible to move side-to-side while swinging your sword, which always made Skyrim’s animations look a little weird.

The Elden Rim mod also recommends the Skyrim Combos AI Revolution (SCAR) mod so that NPCs will have access to the same animation as the player does, as well as the Elden Rim Weapon Arts mod, which adds both Ashes of Wars as well as a stagger system that has additional animations for enemies struck by weapons.

You can download the Elden Rim Moveset Collection over on Nexus Mods, a site that recently made clear how it doesn’t care for bigotry in any way, shape, or form.

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