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These Twitch Streamers Make Way More Money Than You. Probably.

There’s a lot of money in Twitch these days. In case the platform’s recent trouble with copyright lawyers wasn’t already an indication of just how much money, this recent report from SavingSpot certainly drives the point home.

The biggest names on Twitch have seven-figure salaries, which sounds insane for folks just playing video games and streaming it live, but we’re pretty sure these figures are genuine. SavingSpot grabbed Twitch stats from TwitchTracker and TwitchStats for subscriber counts and viewer figures, although we hasten to point out that the following numbers are still estimates.

We’ll start with the top streamers based on subscribers. Note that subscriptions start at $4.99 at Tier 1 and head up to $24.99 at Tier 3. The estimated subscriber monthly income is listed beside each name.

  1. xQcOW – $1,595,167
  2. Nickmercs – $1,374,389
  3. Odablock – $1,120,088
  4. TimTheTatman – $992,957
  5. RonnieRadke – $971,970
  6. BruceGreene – $929,909
  7. Hasanabi – $924,008
  8. AtoZonYouTube – $914,041
  9. Ibai – $896,377
  10. Gaules – $824,101

And now the top female streamers based solely on subscriber count.

  1. Pokimane – $550,060
  2. Amouranth – $384,599
  3. LilyPichu – $339,354
  4. ItsHau – $121,542
  5. DizzyKitten – $115,311

Most of the biggest streamers on Twitch are male and live in the United States. Hardly surprising, I know, but the glass ceiling is alive and well on Twitch. The top female streamer makes almost a third of what the top male streamer does, so if you ever need an argument to prove men are paid more than women, you’ve got it here.

These figures are also just based on subscribers alone. If we throw in ad revenue and donations, Ibai shoots from being ninth on the list to being third. Ad revenue can be a big deal; Spanish streamer AuronPlay makes over half a million dollars in ad revenue annually, more than any other streamer on Twitch.

Donations also play a role, but it’s much smaller in comparison to ads and subscribers. Still, Odablock, ops1X, and Staryuuki all make six figures from donations alone. Digital panhandling is a viable career choice, it seems.

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