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These Mini Sega Consoles Are Perfect For Retro Collectors

Figurines are cool, but figurines playing old Sega consoles are even cooler. Max Factory’s FigmaPlus Sega console accessories are now available to pre-order via Good Smile US, and they come with everything you need to get your Figma action figures playing old games. The entire set costs $35, ships January 2021, and comes with a Sega Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, Master System, and Game Gear as well as a game for each and hands that can hold the respective controllers.

Each mini console is based on its Japanese release, so your Genesis is actually a Mega Drive and your Sega Saturn is in grey, black, and blue. Each of the five consoles also comes with a controller and its own game that can be taken out of its case and inserted into the system. These games include Sonic the Hedgehog for the Mega Drive, Virtua Fighter for Saturn, Space Channel 5 for Dreamcast, Alex Kidd in Miracle World for Master System, and Puyo Puyo for Game Gear.

FigmaPlus Sega consoles


One thing to note is that the pictures show several different figures playing these consoles on a TV and entertainment center. These don’t come with the set, but you can snag the featured set from Hobby Link Japan, a reliable seller of action figures, models, and more.

As a pre-order bonus, Good Smile US is also throwing in an extra Mega Drive controller and hand part set, so two of your favourite Figma figures can play together–too bad Sonic the Hedgehog doesn’t have a two-player mode. The Sega mini consoles set seems like it would be a fun way to pose some of your figures. I’d personally love to see Sekiro or Link play a Genesis or Dreamcast.

If you’re interested in more retro gaming goodness, then be sure to check out our retro gamer’s guide. It covers everything from retro-style controllers you can use on modern platforms to different ways of playing old consoles on new TVs.

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