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There Is No GPU That Can Handle Crysis Remastered At 30fps And 4K On Its Highest Settings

According to Crysis Remastered project lead Steffen Halbig, there is currently no graphics card on the market capable of running Crysis Remastered at 30fps on its highest settings.

The confirmation comes from our recent interview with Crytek about Crysis Remastered, during which we spoke about overclocking graphics card, the power of PC development, and everybody’s favourite video game meme: Can It Run Crysis?

“We’re talking about 4K?” Halbig says after being asked about running Crysis Remastered at max settings. “There is no card. I’m talking about 30fps stable, there is no card out there yet. Maybe Ampere will handle it, but at the moment, no.”

“We don’t have any new high end graphics cards from Nvidia,” Halbig explains. “We have a Titan RTX 2080Ti in the office. At home I have a Titan RTX and I overclocked it a little bit, but still 30fps in 4K is not possible for stable play in Can It Run Crysis mode. You can have lower ray tracing options or you need to go with lower resolution.”

For those unacquainted with Crysis Remastered’s new graphics mode, the Can It Run Crysis Mode is the highest performance option available, and can be applied to 11 of the game’s 12 settings — the 12th setting has to do with whether or not you want to enable ray tracing.

“Can It Run Crysis is the future-proof mode,” Halbig says. “We’ll be covered for the next five or six years from hardware reviewers. “

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“Also on top of Can It Run Crysis graphics mode we have Can It Run Crysis ray tracing mode,” says Halbig. “I can tell you already that with a 2080Ti Titan RTX you don’t need to play this game in 4K in Can It Run Crysis mode, you won’t get much fps. Maybe with the Ampere cards in the future. We didn’t test it yet, but let’s say maybe you’re getting around 30fps — but it’s not stable.”

Halbig also notes that Crytek has put hardware ray tracing support in Crysis Remastered on top of software ray tracing. According to him, this can yield approximately a 10 or 20% boost to performance if used alongside an RTX card, thanks to its built-in RT cores.

“Aside from that, you have the nanosuit reflection everywhere in the game,” Halbig says. “You look into the water, the glass, the window and you see yourself, but with hardware ray tracing we wanted to make it so you see more than only your character reflections.”

Halbig gives the example of a North Korean walking next to you. With software ray tracing, you’ll only be able to see yourself in a reflection – however, with hardware ray tracing enabled, you’ll be able to see far more detail.

Crysis Remastered launches tomorrow, September 18. It’s coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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