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The Witcher 3’s Current-Gen Update Might Finally Add A New Fast-Travel Point For Crow’s Perch

The Witcher 3's current-gen update might be addressing one of the most common complaints from players and finally adding a signpost in the middle of Crow's Perch.

Earlier this week, CD Projekt Red revealed more details on The Witcher 3's current-gen update, including some of the gameplay additions like a new quick-cast option that gets rid of the radial menu, armour inspired by the Netflix show, and more. It seems that it left some of the most interesting and fan-requested additions, like tweaking fall damage, out of the reveal stream, however.

As highlighted by Redditor Ayn_Otori on the Witcher subreddit, Twitter user 0veris replied to a tweet from The Witcher's official Twitter account, where it shared some of the reveals from the current-gen update stream. In his tweet, 0versis shared a picture of the Crow's Perch map and drew an arrow into the middle of the town, asking CD Projekt Red to put a signpost there for fast-travel.

In response, The Witcher's Twitter account shared a gif of Daffy Duck taking notes, implying that it's heard the feedback and will work to add it into the game, if it hasn't already. It's not a guarantee that a new signpost will be added to Crow's Perch, but it seems like the Twitter account simply wouldn't have replied if it wasn't planned in some regard.

Much like fall damage being tweaked, this might not seem like a big deal if you haven't already played The Witcher 3, but those who have will likely be breathing a sigh of relief. One of the game's best quests takes place in Crow's Perch, but because there's no signpost within the town, Geralt has to walk all the way up and all the way down anytime the quest needs to be advanced.

Those who played The Witcher 3 on PC are probably laughing to themselves right now, as mods have been around to fix this problem as far back as 2016. Still, it'll be good to have it officially added to the game for console players who don't have that option.

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