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The Witcher 3 Players Are Praising Its Use Of PS5 Activity Cards

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may be a seven-year-old game but it is finding a new lease of life thanks to the recent current-gen update. New and old players alike are picking up the CD Projekt title with those on the PS5, Xbox Series consoles, and those with powerful enough PCs enjoying the new visual and performance upgrades included in the update. But on the PS5 players are starting to acknowledge and appreciate a feature particular to Sony's platform.

As noted by a Reddit user, the PS5's Activity Cards feature has made playing The Witcher 3 faster and more convenient. The thread is titled 'Underrated PS5 Witcher 3 Feature – Activity Cards' and has received more than a thousand upvotes since it was posted to the PS5 subreddit just a couple of days ago and has been generating appreciative comments. "Yup, it pretty much cuts the game starting load time in half," wrote one commentor, which happens to be the most upvoted one. "Super helpful!"

As user "jgdszgvc" writes, on the PS5 players can use the 'Start Activity' button instead of 'Play Game'. Doing this will allow the player to skip the usually unskippable comic cutscenes that play every time you launch. It'll save players time and like commentors have pointed out, will speed up the time it takes to get into the game.

It is indeed great to see developers make use of PS5 features although there may be players who are unaware of this trick, so consider this a PSA. It's been noted that The Witcher 3 is among the few third-party titles to make use of the Activity Cards right, since it is mostly the Sony first-party titles that take advantage.

The Activity Cards appear under the game, underneath the Play Game button, showing certain tasks, challenges, quests etc that remain to be completed. Selecting them can take you to the game, acting as shortcuts.

In Ghost of Tsushima for example selecting an Activity Card can take you right into the game. The same can happen for Horizon Forbidden West and the Spider-Man games. Since the PS5 uses an SSD and can load things far quicker than its predecessor it's good to see this feature being used to cut time separating players from gameplay.

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