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The Witcher 3: Mutual Of Beauclair’s Wild Kingdom Quest Walkthrough

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The Mutual Of Beauclair's Wild Kingdom is a quest from The Witcher 3's Blood and Wine expansion and one of the many endeavors Geralt can pursue post-game. However, there's no need to wait if you feel ready to take it on before the direly climatic events that transpire at Tesham Mutna.

While Geralt is perusing the Notice Board outside The Cockatrice Inn, he may read of some beastly trouble to the north, or if he's already in the area, he may happen upon the mercantile carnage at the Trading Post and investigate the gruesome scene without any prompting. Once he's gotten a look, it won't take Geralt long to deduce the merchant wagon fell prey to a draconid, but surprisingly it seems to be a subspecies unfamiliar to the seasoned witcher.

How To Track The Basilisk Walkthrough

As it turns out, the beast is the last surviving specimen of the critically endangered silver basilisk, which throws a moral wrench into the witcher's monster-slaying obligations. While even a highly venomous draconid doesn't pose too troublesome a feat for Geralt, the fundamental dilemma of this side quest is whether or not you should kill the basilisk. Regardless of his decision, Geralt will still need to inspect the scene and try to locate the rare beastie.

Start Location: Pick up the contract on The Cockatrice Inn Notice Board or head directly to the quest location at the Trading Post fast travel point that lies northeast of Coronata's Vinyard.

Mutual of Beauclair's Wild Kingdom: Tracking The Silver Basilisk Walkthrough
1. Examine the gruesome scene to determine it may have been a basilisk, but one unknown to the seasoned witcher, so gear up for a rare encounter indeed.

a. Examine the blood splatter in the middle of the path.

b. Examine the corpse off to the left.
2. After surveying the carnage, a rider will appear, introducing himself as the caretaker of the basilisk. He explains it is a female silver basilisk, a rare subspecies and the last of its kind. Dubbing the basilisk 'Iocaste,' the beast's keeper insists it does not kill or destroy unless intruded upon or provoked. The owner won't point Geralt to the basilisk's location as he is familiar with witchers and knows Geralt intends to slay his pet, so Geralt will have to track the beast using his witcher senses.
3. Search the area further to learn about this rare subspecies of basilisk.

a. Examine the acidic burn marks on some wooden posts off to the left of the path. (Geralt will comment the beast must be highly toxic, and he should prepare an antivenom potion.)

b. Examine the smashed barrels further down the path of rubble.
4. These two discoveries will give Geralt enough to pick up a scent trail to continue following the basilisk These two discoveries will give Geralt enough to pick up a scent trail to continue following the basilisk

a. Follow the scent trail through the woods until it disperses momentarily.

b. Where the scent trail lifts, Geralt's witcher senses will highlight splotches of blood headed in the same direction until he can pick up the scent trail again, which will lead him to the second victim.

5. Geralt can loot the corpse to find 'Cooper's Guild Contract.'
6. Following the waypoint tracker on the mini-map, Geralt can continue to discover a band of Reavers.

a. When Iocaste's keeper shows up quick on Geralt's heels, the witcher will be faced with a timed decision.

Should You Kill The Basilisk In Mutual of Beauclair's Wild Kingdom?

Dialogue ChoiceOutcome
1. "Beast needs to die. Let's do it."If Geralt decides to slay the last silver basilisk, he'll have to withstand a berating from its enraged keeper, but then the witcher will get down to work with the Reaver's deciding how best to take on the fearsome draconid.
2. "Basilisk's not to be killed."If Geralt decides to spare the last remaining silver basilisk, Iocaste's keeper will make good on his promise of compensation to the Reavers, who will cut Geralt in on the payoff. The grateful caretaker will also see fit to compensate Geralt personally for respecting a rare species and intervening with the Reavers on the beast's behalf.

Protect The Basilisk Rewards

If Geralt spares Iocaste, he will be sparing the last of an endangered species and be compensated justly for it by both the Reavers and the beast's keeper.

Splitting Payoff With Reavers:200 XP

350 Crowns

Additional Compensation From Iocaste's Keeper: (Geralt may decline this additional payment.)50 XP

50 Crowns

Slay The Basilisk Guide & Rewards

Battle guide

After choosing to hunt down the basilisk, the Reavers look to Geralt as the professional monster hunter to decide on a method to slay the basilisk. This dialogue choice determines how the Reavers aid the witcher in the fight, but either method could prove beneficial depending on Geralt's build, so there's not necessarily a right and wrong option here.

Dialogue ChoiceBattle Method and Tips
1. "Use your crossbows."The Reavers will serve as Geralt's cover and backup, using their crossbows and leaving Geralt open to engage the beast with his sword.

If you're more prone to the direct approach, just be sure Geralt is prepared for the fight with a potent antitoxin such as Golden Oriole. It's best to avoid Iocaste's venomous bite altogether. Iocaste can be slain just like any other winged beastie. Once it's grounded, approach swiftly from the side and strike with a flurry of combos from a blade coated in draconid oil.

2. "We'll take it on together."The Reavers will join Geralt in a team bloodbath using their axes.

This will likely mean Geralt will need to take a step back here and there to ground the beast with Aard or his crossbow. This approach may be a better option for signs or any lighter style builds, as the blows from Reaver axes may take some of the heat off of Geralt.

Loot and Rewards

Slaying Iocaste pays out the same in Crowns, though Geralt will forego the additional 50 XP from the basilisk's keeper for choosing to preserve the rare subspecies. However, if the witcher can put aside his ethical code, the loot gained from the kill may be worth bringing this dying species to extinction.

Geralt's Cut of The Reavers Contracted Reward:200 XP

400 Crowns

Basilisk Kill Loot:Basilisk mutagen

Basilisk venom

Basilisk hide

Greater Blue mutagen

Silver Basilisk Trophy

Squire's Steel Sword (Scaled Reward) — This is a decently powerful sword boasting adequate Armor Piercing and Critical stats with a chance to cause burning and a predisposition to bolster Geralt's Yrden Sign Intensity.

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