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The Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff: How To Cause Chaos In A Haunted House

If you’re the kind of Sims 4 player who loves to cause chaos wherever you go then The Sims 4: Paranormal offers plenty of opportunities to indulge your creative skills. The new Haunted House Residential type brings paranormal activity to any lot and if you don’t keep it under control then things will get out of hand and fast.

Combine this naturally chaotic lot type with the medium skill and you have a recipe for disaster. If you have a Spellcaster Sim then the results are even more unpredictable, since you can throw some spells around to add to the general atmosphere of mayhem.

So, if you identify as chaotic evil when it comes to playing The Sims, this guide on how to kick up the insanity in your haunted house will help you fulfill your potential.

Preparing For Hauntings

The first thing you need to do is make sure your home is set up for maximum chaos. This means taking steps to prevent anything passively calming the spirits who’ll visit.

Adding the new paintings is fine, and they’ll even change to let you know when the spirits are active, but make sure you stay away from the ‘Good Mojo Macramé.’ This stylish wall decoration can actually help reduce the spiritual volatility of your home so if you want to unleash the chaos then make sure to leave it off your decor list.

You’ll also want to avoid the Sacred Candles, available from the reward store or crafted with wraith wax. These help increase the chances of successful rituals or séances and also calm Sims with the terrified moodlet. All things you need to prevent to truly unleash chaos.

Finally, avoid the ‘Perform Ceremony’ interaction on the Séance Table. This ritual calms the spirits and we don’t want that. However, feel free to use ‘Sense Spiritual Volatility’ to see how angry you’ve made the specters.

Taking It To The Next Level

When you convert your house to a Haunted House Residential lot you’ll notice that you can still add lot traits. This means there’s more chance to ramp up the crazy.

The renamed Spooky trait will increase the number of regular ghosts on the lot, while the cursed trait means things will go wrong quite frequently. For added destruction and chaos you can also select the Gremlins trait to keep your Sims in a frequent cycle of repairing everything they own. Alternatively, the Mean Vibe trait will help keep everyone suitably angry. Vampire Nexus and Volcanic Activity are also suitable chaotic traits that may be appropriate depending on the location of your home.

The final way you can maximize chaos is by minimizing space. The smaller lot and home you have the less space specters have to spread out and the closer together cursed object spawns will be. A tiny house makes things feel a lot more intense.

Get Rid of Guidry

On your second night in a haunted house, Guidry will come to help you out. He appears automatically and introduces himself. The eternally flirty ghost will answer questions and even give you useful items. However, to truly embrace the chaos we need to banish Guidry and his slime mopping ways.

To do this simply place the hand statue somewhere in your home and click it after he has appeared. His arrival triggers the statue and you’ll see that there is an option to ask him to leave. Clicking it will display the ‘Guidry’s Farewell’ dialogue above and allow you to stop his visits. Now Guidry is gone we can take a look at the other option on the statue, Heroic Mode.

Heroic Mode

Usually, Heroic Mode is advised for those who have learned to keep the spirits under control. It increases the amount of paranormal activity and also ensures that spiritual serenity declines over time. However, for those who want to embrace the dark side then Heroic Mode can be enabled as soon as the hand statue is triggered by Guidry’s appearance.

Simply click on the statue and then select ‘Enable Heroic Mode.’ This is the game equivalent of turning the volume up to 11 and will really help you scare the welcome wagon in a much more efficient manner.

With this preparation done it’s time to learn how to respond to the paranormal activity that will already be ramping up.

Let The Accursed Objects Ramp Up

Over time cursed objects will appear on your lot. These items include creepy dolls, occult symbols, eerie tendrils, and slime creatures. The idea is that you stomp these accursed objects to cleanse your home. However, we don’t want any cleansing around here, so feel free to leave them. This will help them multiply and ensure your Sims end up in an almost permanent state of terror.

Once your Sims are suitably scared you won’t even need to stop them destroying these paranormal manifestations since they’ll be too scared to go near them.

Prepare for HER

After a while, you’ll see HER appear. As you can see from the image above, Temperance is an angry ghost and will create more chaos than you can imagine. The worse the atmosphere in your home is the more frequently she’ll appear. Once she arrives you can leave her to be destructive or build a terrible relationship with her to increase her volatile activity.

Temperance will set fire to things, break things and even summon in fire breathing specters to add some more chaos to your household. Just what we want.

Tips For True Chaos

Now you have the basics down these top tips will help ensure you manipulate the paranormal activity for maximum chaos.

  • Keep Needs Low

The lower your needs the less likely you are to build positive interactions with any specters or ghosts. Really low needs also add puddles and panic to the already chaotic home, if you truly want to embrace your evil side.

  • Toddlers Are Terrifying

For some reason, toddlers seem to be pretty hardy when it comes to supernatural activity and have even scared some ghosts. Watching them react to the chaos is incredibly amusing.

  • Summon Extra Issues

Once your Medium skill is a little higher you can start to summon the dead. This increases the specters and ghosts on your lot. You can do this at any time, so why not when things are hitting peak chaos?

  • Don’t Place Idols

Specters will occasionally drop idols. If you place these then they’ll set on fire and stop Temperance in her tracks. The process is fun to watch but you’ll want to get rid quite quickly if you want to let her cause chaos.

  • Keep Your Séance Table Accessible

If Temperance can get her hands on your Séance Table she will and the result is several more angry specters.

  • Beware Bonehilda

Bonehilda will fight Temperance and scare her off if she’s around so make sure the skeletal maid been dismissed.

Chaotic Evil

We hope this guide helps you unleash the chaos into your haunted house. These steps are just the beginning and there’s more to discover about how specters, in particular, react to Sims. We encourage you to embrace your chaotic side and experiment.

Being a Spellcaster also adds another dimension to the madness as you can fire spells around to increase the chaos. Try it yourself

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