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The Sims 4: Everything You Need To Know About Body Hair

A major Sims 4 update was released with the launch of High School Years. This brought many new features, some of them part of the new expansion and others added to the base game. It included wants and fears, new traits and the long-awaited inclusion of body hair for Sims.

Now body hair has finally been added there's a lot to learn about it. From how much you can customize, how long it takes to grow and how you can get rid of it. But these are only a couple of examples, so let's see what else there is to know about this mechanic.

7 How To Add Body And Facial Hair To Sims

Adding body hair is easy if you know where to find the option. First, you'll have to go to the Simlogy menu on the lower right corner of the screen during gameplay to enter Create-a-Sim, if you're making a new Sim from scratch, you can skip this step.

In the full body options when editing a Sim, go to the Body tab and you'll be able to add arm hair, torso hair, back hair, and leg hair. Depending on your Sims gender you'll also be able to add facial hair in the head options in Create-a-Sim. Thankfully, this is all part of the base game.

6 Customizing Body And Facial Hair

You can choose how much hair your Sim will have on their body and on their face just like you would with regular head hair. There are several different options that differ in area and strength. Apart from the hairless option, there are three arm hair customizations, six for torso hair, three for back hair, three for leg hair, and 27 facial hair options to choose from.

Changing your preferred hair option will reset the Sim's current hair growth so be aware of this if you decide to change it up a little. If you have the High School Years expansion pack you'll also be able to enable hair growth.

5 Color Customization

There are some great color customization options to choose from with this awesome new body hair feature. Just like head hair, there are various hair color choices available. You can also choose the option to match your Sim's head hair, just like you would with eyebrows for example.

In total there are 24 body and facial hair color options, so your Sim can be as colorful as you'd like them to.

4 Shaving It Off

With the High School Years expansion pack, you'll be able to shave off your body hair and if growth is enabled, it'll eventually grow back, and you can make this part of your Sim's self-care routine.

To shave your body hair, interact with a bathtub or a shower, and then choose the "Shave…" option. There are two shaving options, if your hair has already grown past your preferred length since you last shaved it, you can select the "Shave hair to preferred length" option; or you can also shave all of it by selecting the "Shave hair" option. To shave your facial hair, interact with a mirror.

Shaving can be done using any type of mirror, it doesn't have to be on a wall or above the sink. Even a full-length mirror will do.

3 After Shaving

Once you shave, as long as you have enabled hair growth, it'll eventually grow back. For example, even if your preferred facial hair style is to have no facial hair at all, it'll start to grow. The same goes for all other types of body hair.

The time that body hair takes to grow back will change from Sim to Sim. It's likely that each in-game hour your Sim has a chance to grow some of their body hair. This can take anywhere from just a couple of hours to a few days.

2 Hair Growth Is Random

It seems that hair growth is completely random. When your Sim hits puberty and starts experiencing changes, they'll develop body hair, and it's completely at random.

For example, you might have two siblings in which one develops no body hair and the other one will get back and torso hair. The style that their facial or body hair grows is also random if you haven't chosen a preferred style in Create-a-Sim.

1 Shaving Moodlet

A shaving-related moodlet has been added to the game. Your Sim will get the "Cutting It Close" moodlet if they have a bad experience shaving. It'll add +1 Uncomfortable mood to your Sim, but thankfully it only lasts a couple of in-game hours so you won't have to deal with it for long.

Its description reads "every Sim struggles with the occasional nicks and cuts from shaving," which isn't too difficult to relate to.

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