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The Sims 4: 10 Ideas To Take Your Houses To The Next Level

Overall, The Sims 4 really isn’t a difficult game. The tutorials and guides are well done within the game, but some gameplay aspects might still be a bit confusing with how many features have been introduced. Building in particular tends to be a feature that most players find extremely daunting to approach, due to how much can be done.

Luckily, building is also one of the best features in a game that’s otherwise behind on introducing some of its previous, essential features. There’s so much you can accomplish, but building as a skill has a steep learning curve. The best way to get started is to copy the houses of great builders, or alternatively utilize some of these simple tricks to bring your basic homes to life with a bit of extra work.

10 Build Diagonally

The grid system in the game often encourages players to build according to its geometrical rules. However, vertical and horizontal aren’t the only two ways a house can be made. You can also opt to build horizontally.

In the room tool there are specific presets for horizontal rooms and foundations, which will make getting started on a horizontal build much easier. Keep in mind, however, that a horizontal build will require some creativity when it comes to furnishing. To avoid total chaos, only build some areas diagonally.

9 Adjust Wall Heights And Use Trims

Wall heights are the most versatile they’ve ever been in the history of The Sims franchise, and editing them individually is also easier than before. Even a single wall tile can be edited to be different from the rest.

There’s also five different heights to choose from overall, which can completely change the way a room or area feels alike. On top of that, each wall as a specific trim. Adjust the color, change the wallpaper for these shorter or taller walls, and your home will instantly brighten up.

8 Build A Boat Or Trailer – Not A House

Sometimes, in order to build a great house you need to think outside of the box. Forget about building a simple house, but think instead of what other places people can live in. Some live in trailers, others live on boats, or even in treehouses, which make for some unique builds.

Boats for instance can be created quite easily by creating a fake pond with the pool tool and then building a path to the middle where a boat would be floating. It’s not perfect, but there’s so many ways to make this believable in the game, so don’t let your mind restrict you with ideas.

7 Build Additional Buildings

Typically, the idea is to just build one big house for a family, with a nice little garden and maybe a pool, and stop right there. After all, there’s nothing else that’s really needed in, right? Again, it’s time to get a bit more creative and think outside of the box.

Additional small buildings, especially on bigger lots that can afford to have them are fantastic at bringing a house to life. Add a small shed in the back of the garden, a garage with a fake car or even a gazebo in the middle of the pool to give your Sims more room to roam and explore.

6 Open Basements

Basements are an underrated tool which are only recently seeing some more use from Simmers. They’re not just fantastic for making secret areas for Sims to hide in, but they can also be used to make underwater houses or these sunken houses that have become super trendy as of late.

To open up a basement like this, just create a regular basement and then remove the ceiling with the use of the room tool. You can then add stairs leading down to this basement area and make it just like you want it: a home or a sunken garden, or even a brand new park community lot.

5 Build Attics

Attics are a regular part of any real life home, but in The Sims 4 they aren’t the easiest to create. This is because the roof tool is a bit clunky to use at times, and to make a functional attic room is a bit of a challenge. That said, it’s totally possible with a bit of tweaking.

The easiest way to make an attic room is to make a regular room and then build half roofs on all of its sides to create the appearance of a massive roof with a flat, Victorian style top. Now, your Sims can have their romantic, Parisian style attic room to practice their skills in.

4 Use Greenery For Mistakes

Although the building tool is excellent in The Sims 4, it’s not without its lackluster features and bugs. To this day, build mode could use some serious tweaking to allow players to better customize and create their dream homes. However, while waiting for changes, there are some bandaid fixes to visible mistakes that can’t be otherwise dealt with.

With the use of the “bb.moveobjects” cheat, you can place greenery just about anywhere you want. Use plants on the sides of buildings to hide anything that juts out in an ugly manner.

3 Play With The Terrain Tool

The terrain tool was one of the greatest additions to build mode. Now, it’s totally possible to make giant sinkholes and tall mountains with castles and hobbit holes lodged into them. There’s really no rules when it comes to the terrain tools, other than to ensure your Sims can actually move around.

Next time, why not place that simple house on a hill? Or why not make a hilly backyard where children can play? Add in some water and rocks and the transformation is complete. Even the most boring of homes will benefit from great landscaping.

2 Use More Water

Water is another great way to spice up any build. Whether it’s fountains or pools, there’s a lot that can be achieved by adding some into modern buildings in particular. Water can help cut an otherwise boring and green yard into a more modern and organized shape.

Water also allows the placement of additional lights which will look truly stunning at night time. For fans of the modern, clean and minimalist look, mastering the art of creating pools and fountains is a must. Building on stilts in Island Living is also an easy way to start incorporating water into your builds.

1 Merge Objects Into New Ones

Just use the “bb.moveobjects” cheat to place objects wherever you want. You can even create a couch on which your Sims can actually sleep and not just nap.

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