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The Pokemon Company Hires A Pokemon Historian

The Pokemon Company recently began looking for a Pokemon historian to help found an “internal” archive and museum. The position appears to have been filled as the address for the job listing returns a message describing how “the job you are looking for is no longer open.”

The job listing in question was first noticed by Vice. According to The Pokemon Company, the position is going to be about maintaining a digital archive and physical museum dedicated to all things Pokemon. This of course includes the trading cards, video games, merchandise, movies, and television shows. “This role will be contributing to the establishment and development of an internal The Pokemon Company Archive and Museum,” the job listing noted. “This role will work with the The Card Game Product team’s Game Data Librarian to conduct large scale inventories, write policy, process, catalog, preserve, and other duties that will establish and develop the company’s first internal archive from the ground up.”

Whoever ended up getting the job was required to have a degree in Library Science, Archives Management, or Information Management in addition to between three and four years of “related professional experience.” This includes “writing archives management policies such as collecting policies, mandates, retention schedules, and other process documentation” as well as “conducting inventories or surveys, archival processing, and acquisitions.” The successful candidate was also expected to have “experience in vetting and establishing software for use in archival description and internal employee access or research.”

When it comes to expectations, the new hire is going to be supporting the teams “responsible for the construction of the internal physical repository with knowledge of archival standards and best practices” along with overseeing “accession, appraisal, and processing of object and record collections in multiple formats and ensuring access to those archival holdings” in addition to “providing reference services to internal employees” and collaborating with “other teams on special projects.” The job listing also named a variety of other tasks.

The ideal candidate would have an “understanding of the Pokemon brand, the impact it has on our people, culture, business, fans, and communities” as well as the ability to grasp the “interests and needs of our customers and stakeholders, making them feel heard and important, and embracing these learnings to continue delivering a unique Pokemon experience.”

The Pokemon Company was apparently offering between $77,000 and $118,000 in terms of salary. The position will be located in Bellevue, Washington.

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