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The Mortuary Assistant Is The Next Video Game To Randomly Get A Movie

You thought it was behind us, but it appears that video game movies and TV shows are getting a renaissance. Thankfully, the latest batch has been received much better than those over the years – case in point, Netflix's Arcane winning the Emmy for Outstanding Animated Program. We've also got the likes of Netflix's Witcher TV series and the Sonic the Hedgehog live-action movies already killing it, with a BioShock movie, and a Twisted Metal series in the works.

It's not just big names that are getting movies or TV shows, but even cult classics like Space Channel 5 and Comix Zone are getting movie adaptations. The latest video game to have a movie adaptation green-lit is The Mortuary Assistant. The horror title has barely been out for over a month, and it's already getting a movie, written and directed by Jeremiah Kipp.

“There's a quiet, unnerving intensity to The Mortuary Assistant that creeps into the player, creating a sense that something terrible could happen at any moment,” said Kipp. “Writing the adaptation, I wanted to celebrate all of the game that terrified me as well as create a companion piece to it — honoring the dense creepy world developer Brian Clarke (DarkStone Digital) made and translating it into the visual storytelling and character driven horror of narrative filmmaking.

“I want to retain the minimalist setting in and around the mortuary, the fascination with the process of embalming, and the nerve shredding terror of the gameplay, he continued. "Rebecca Owens is a fascinating character, vulnerable because of a traumatic past and committed in her self-reliance. It has been a truly crazy ride living in Brian's twisted world, and that's the experience we want to give the viewer.”

Mortuary Assistant creator, Brian Clarke was all onboard with the movie, who claims that his style of making video games is actually inspired by movies. "I’m always trying to create story, dialogue, and moments that feel filmic, so an opportunity to bring this project full circle is making a dream of mine a reality,” he said.

There's no word on when the movie is expected to release or who'll star in it, and considering that the movie has just been green-lit, we're not going to get those details anytime soon.

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