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The Medium Has Covered Its Development Cost In A Few Days

Bloober Team’s horror game, The Medium has already covered its cost of development in a batter of days. The game is available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass as well.

As spotted by GameSpot, Bloober Team spoke to Polish publication Money.pl and said that The Medium has already generated enough revenue to cover developmental and marketing costs, all revenue henceforth will be profit.

Bloober team has found its niche as a horror genre game studio, following the likes of Blair Witch and Layers of Fear 2. However, The Medium is the studio’s most high profile game as of yet. This is an applaudable feat, considering the short time in which the game has turned around a profit. Add to that the fact that it isn’t available on PlayStation consoles or any or the last-gen Xbox consoles.

Additionally, it’s unclear how the game’s availability on Xbox Game Pass contributed to its profitability, but there’s a chance that Game Pass isn’t even factored into it, making this achievement all the more impressive.

The Medium has received primarily positive reviews across the board. It also asks players to leave a review for the game after the final credits. After accepting the request to review, players are then taken to the game’s Microsoft Store page. Bloober Team has also suggested that the game may be set in the same world as Observer.

As for our own review, Bella Bloneau said, “The Medium itself never hits a flat note. I beat the game in two long sittings, and there was never a point during either that I felt like the game dragged, or could’ve used a little more polish, or left too many loose ends hanging. It’s a lean, compelling experience that says what it has to say, then leaves you to grapple with the specifics afterwards. There are images, lines, and ideas from The Medium that I’ll likely take to my grave thanks to this approach, as it puts the onus on the player to piece everything together. You have to wrap your brain around the spirit world’s twisted logic so much that it becomes a part of you, as you live through Marianne’s pain with her and help to navigate her trauma.”

The Medium is now available for Xbox Series X and PC.

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